June 05, 2009

Pissed !!!!

Someone is trying my temper this morning. For two weeks now I kept on coming to the lady who issue official receipts but she always told me they don't have available receipt yet and asked me to keep on checking. Last night, I received a call for our chairman. He asked me if I can bring the receipt to their house as the governor will issue a check to our barangay so this morning I go back to municipal hall in my town to check if their is available receipt for the barangay but I got the same answer.

So when I get home I called the chairman i told him no receipt yet. He did bla bla so i asked him to talk to this lady named Susan personally. Few minutes after I receive a call from the chairman and he says Susan told him i never came to her office. What the he** she is trying to imply that I am lying to the chairman? I ask the Chairman to wait for me at the Municipal and we will go together to the office of this lady but he insisted.I do not know who is telling the truth or who is telling a lie. I hope to find it out later today.

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Rosa said...

wow, kung ako lang sa situation mo sis. siguro pinuntahan ko na ung babae. hehe

any news?