April 25, 2017

Learn Music

Summer is the perfect time to enroll in any music lesson that you may want to learn. I remember when I was younger I always want to enroll in a voice lesson but my Mom's finances is not enough to pay for another expenses so I accepted the fact that I cannot sing the right tune all my life.

On the other note, if you happen to look for controller you may check out the dj controller at You can also find wide varietynof music instrument and other related stuff on the site.


So far, I am having the great summer of all time. Thanks to the bkyfriend for pampering me and ny family. Last week, the boyfriend paid for a six days trip to Cebu and Bantayan Island. Although, six days might not be enough but my mom, nephews and the little big tot was very happy. Its the first time for my mom and nephews to go on a trip away from home for few days. Truly traveling from one place to another can be tiring but the experience is worth it. 

I will be posting more about our trip in my other blogs.