February 01, 2017

I Playing a Guitar!

For countless time I mentioned that singing is not my cup of coffee. I can't sing! I havent tried singing during special occasions at home. However there are times thatI think of trying to play a guitar, maybe I can do it.

 Talking about guitar. I know that there are type of guitar but I dont know which is cuatro guitar and acoustic guitar and other types of guitar. I even don't  have an idea how they differ from each other.

Hay! I should start finding out before my son ask me.

Guitar, Anyone?

I figured teenegers nowadays like to play guitar and singing. I was not surprised when my nephew shows interest to learn how to play a guitar. Too bad that the guitar they found after Super Typhoon Haiyan is at my sister's place. He would have playing it now.

 If money is not a problem I will buy him one especially that I can buy it online. There are gibson electric guitar in stock at MF that are affordable.

So if you guys are planning to have your guitar, you know where to head on.

Love Month!

For some they wish to skip the month of February for an obvious reason of not having a date on the Valentines Day. It is not surprising to see "Hello March" post coming from my friends in Facebook. For many years, Valentines Day just come and go at my end. I dont make a fuss of not having a date on this special day. Though I always pray that the right time will come and I will go on a romantic date just like most of the couples do.

Anyway, for those couples who are not yet married be careful of whatever you might do. Be responsible enough to face the consequence of your action if ever you choose to be intimate. Just a piece of advice. ;-)