December 09, 2015

I Wish!!

..I wish I can sing the right note regardless if it is a simple song or a complicated one. I also wish I can watch live concert of my favorite singer. My chance of making my wish of watching a concert passed when I failed to my favorite singer's concert in the city. Now, I really dont know if my wishes will come into a reality. On the other hand, a friend ask me to search about kala bass. She is trying to find the cheapest price she cant.


No doubt long distance relationship is not easy to maintain. It can be rough sometimes. Dealing with problem is sometimes difficult and conplicated. I know how complicated it can be because I experienced dealing problem with the my boyfriend. Although we have been in this kind of relation for few years already I would say, I haven't learn the art of long distance relationship. At one point, I feel that I reached the peak of my patience that giving up crossed my mind countless of times. But gladly the boyfriend is always ready to make amend. But, what if we get lost both our patience? What will happen to us? Honestly, I dont have any idea. I can only keep my fingers ctoss that what ever problem come across we can always win over it.