March 03, 2015

On Wedding Flavors

There is no doubt that preparing a wedding can be stressful. Imagine yourself choosing and deciding every details of your wedding. However if you will achieve your dream wedding, all the energy you put into it is worth it.

Everytime I heard about wedding the first thing that comes to my mind is my own wedding and my friend who earn a living in making gowns and a beautician. I witnessed how meticulous he is when he is designing a wedding gown. Every details of the gown should be place perfectly. Often times, he will give advices to his client on what wedding flavor is good. I remember how busy he was during his cousin's wedding. Aside from the gown, he also made the wedding flavors for the invited guest.

Anyway for those who are planning to tie the knot real soon here are some wedding favor ideas to choose from, affordable yet elegant.

Hello March!

I know this is another late post because as I am typing this blog post it is third of March alteady but like the saying goes "better late than never".  Now, that the love month is over I am very much please to welcome another month, my birth month. Although, I do not have much to share during the love month I am hoping that this month will bring a lot of good memories to share.

First, my Mom will be turning 60 in few days and we are planning to surprise her. Its not a big party celebration but I am sure she will be happy. As for my birthday which will happen few days after Mom's birthday I do not have any plan just yet.