January 22, 2015

Jewelry Is Also Woman Bestfriend

 I am aware of the fact that diamond is a womans bestfriend  but in fact woman simply love wearing any kind of jewelry regardless if it is a real jewelry or fashionable jewelry. One reason why wearing jewelry is love is because it enchance our over-all look. So guys don't be surprise if your partner never failed to visit the jewelry section everytime you are in the mall.

Anyway, planning to buy a new set of jewelry but you don't have enough time to roam around? Why buy it online? We are aware that online shopping is trending nowadays and this website is a perfect site to visit.

Running Out Of Time

I almost forget that I have few tasks to work this week. In fact two of the tasks I have are due today, few hours to be pricise. But, because I have been busy last week and I lost internet connection for three days which I thought part if the security during the Pope's visit. I only found out that my internet was cut on the day the Pope flew back to Rome.  I am disappointed as I did not receive any message and bill before my connection was cutted. Hopefully, it will not happen again.

For now, I shall finish what I have to do before I run out if time. I need the few dollars I will get :-)

Looking Forward To The Final

 I missed watching The VoicePH, the reason is am sleeping when it is being aired on television. But, now that show will go live coming weekend I try my best to stay awake until its grand final. I could not wait to know who will be the grand champion this year. The remaining contestant are all good and have the same goal which is to win the contest.

I remember, one of the contestant is a band member. I am wondering if he is thinking of up grading thier instruments the moment he win the competition. I will look forward to it. But for those who want to shop now I suggest that you buy the instrument that is good in quality.

Out of Gosto to Blog

I must admit that in the past months I am not really active in the blogging world. The reason why I do not have the gosto to blog like I used too is because earning in blogging is getting more difficult each day. There are times that I thought of quiting but then I cant seemed to let go of my blogs. I guess it is because of the personal blog post I published since I started blogging.

I am hoping that this year I will be more active regardless if I am earning good or not. I have to remind my self that the reason why I am blogging is to have a site I can call my own where I can share my thoughts and experience.