December 09, 2015

I Wish!!

..I wish I can sing the right note regardless if it is a simple song or a complicated one. I also wish I can watch live concert of my favorite singer. My chance of making my wish of watching a concert passed when I failed to my favorite singer's concert in the city. Now, I really dont know if my wishes will come into a reality. On the other hand, a friend ask me to search about kala bass. She is trying to find the cheapest price she cant.


No doubt long distance relationship is not easy to maintain. It can be rough sometimes. Dealing with problem is sometimes difficult and conplicated. I know how complicated it can be because I experienced dealing problem with the my boyfriend. Although we have been in this kind of relation for few years already I would say, I haven't learn the art of long distance relationship. At one point, I feel that I reached the peak of my patience that giving up crossed my mind countless of times. But gladly the boyfriend is always ready to make amend. But, what if we get lost both our patience? What will happen to us? Honestly, I dont have any idea. I can only keep my fingers ctoss that what ever problem come across we can always win over it.

September 14, 2015

Think Twice Before Buying Instrument

We all know that getting the perfect sounds we all want also needs a perfect instrument or gadget. But what will you do if your knowledge is not enough to choose the instrument that you perfectly need? Well, you can always ask online or perhaps visit an online store that has the causes and effect for a particular instrument. I have no doubt that it will help you decide which one to buy and which is not to buy. I remember a friend who used mesa boogie amps but before he tried using the instrument he asked around. By doing so, he didnt regret because he found the one that he has been aiming to own.

So perhaps you can also do what my friend did before buying any instrument.

July 19, 2015

Missing My Man

I haven't see my man on cam for two days , already. And I am starting to miss him and will certainly miss him more because I will not see him for the next two days. He is off for a summer vacation with his family and I am kind of jealous because I am not with him. Well, I can only wish that I can be with him someday and start making our own travel and vacation. On the other hand, apart from missing my boyfriend I am also missing the stuff I usually do online before I lost my netbook almost two years ago. I don't believe that I can acquire a new one in the near future. Anyway, I am not really active in blogging anymore and I don't think I will be active again while I dont have a lappy.

May 26, 2015

Be Aware!!

When buying something there are few important things to consider. First, you should extra careful in choosing the kind of item or product before you actually buy it. Let's face it a lot of product that are available in the market this days is not made of good quality. Secondly, roam around for you to find product that fits your budget. And lastly, know what you are buying. Buyers guide is a big help for you to find good quality product without hurting your wallet. Now that I shared few tips in shopping might as well urge you to visit my newly find website soon. The site my be of help for you in the future.

May 19, 2015

Can Someone Enlighten Me..

..what takamine is. I admitted countless of times that I am not a musically inclined type of person so my knowledge about music instrument and accesories is very limited. In fact I can only name a few music instruments. But then thanks to whoever invented the internet and computer technology as I can search any kind of instruments and music accesories anytime I want. Oh well, I am pretty sure that it will great if I can play any of the instrument I know. It is kinda impossible as I am not getting any younger to start learning but for sure its not too late. Who knows next time I share abouy music I will be sharing my own experience.

Happy Girlfriend

My relationship with my long distance boyfriend may not be perfect as we often encouter many problems along the way but I unlike my previous relationship we always manage to fix any problem that comes our way. It's not always but we promised to each never to stop fighting for our love to each other. So no doubt I am a happy girlfriend. Who would have thought that I will found someone as good as my boyfriend. I surely not imagine I can. I guesss I did something good in the past for I am blessed to have my boyfriend. To my boyfriend, thank you for everything although I know it is not enough but nonetheless I am still very much thankful to you and of course to the Provider for giving you to us. I LOVE YOU!!!

March 03, 2015

On Wedding Flavors

There is no doubt that preparing a wedding can be stressful. Imagine yourself choosing and deciding every details of your wedding. However if you will achieve your dream wedding, all the energy you put into it is worth it.

Everytime I heard about wedding the first thing that comes to my mind is my own wedding and my friend who earn a living in making gowns and a beautician. I witnessed how meticulous he is when he is designing a wedding gown. Every details of the gown should be place perfectly. Often times, he will give advices to his client on what wedding flavor is good. I remember how busy he was during his cousin's wedding. Aside from the gown, he also made the wedding flavors for the invited guest.

Anyway for those who are planning to tie the knot real soon here are some wedding favor ideas to choose from, affordable yet elegant.

Hello March!

I know this is another late post because as I am typing this blog post it is third of March alteady but like the saying goes "better late than never".  Now, that the love month is over I am very much please to welcome another month, my birth month. Although, I do not have much to share during the love month I am hoping that this month will bring a lot of good memories to share.

First, my Mom will be turning 60 in few days and we are planning to surprise her. Its not a big party celebration but I am sure she will be happy. As for my birthday which will happen few days after Mom's birthday I do not have any plan just yet. 

January 22, 2015

Jewelry Is Also Woman Bestfriend

 I am aware of the fact that diamond is a womans bestfriend  but in fact woman simply love wearing any kind of jewelry regardless if it is a real jewelry or fashionable jewelry. One reason why wearing jewelry is love is because it enchance our over-all look. So guys don't be surprise if your partner never failed to visit the jewelry section everytime you are in the mall.

Anyway, planning to buy a new set of jewelry but you don't have enough time to roam around? Why buy it online? We are aware that online shopping is trending nowadays and this website is a perfect site to visit.

Running Out Of Time

I almost forget that I have few tasks to work this week. In fact two of the tasks I have are due today, few hours to be pricise. But, because I have been busy last week and I lost internet connection for three days which I thought part if the security during the Pope's visit. I only found out that my internet was cut on the day the Pope flew back to Rome.  I am disappointed as I did not receive any message and bill before my connection was cutted. Hopefully, it will not happen again.

For now, I shall finish what I have to do before I run out if time. I need the few dollars I will get :-)

Looking Forward To The Final

 I missed watching The VoicePH, the reason is am sleeping when it is being aired on television. But, now that show will go live coming weekend I try my best to stay awake until its grand final. I could not wait to know who will be the grand champion this year. The remaining contestant are all good and have the same goal which is to win the contest.

I remember, one of the contestant is a band member. I am wondering if he is thinking of up grading thier instruments the moment he win the competition. I will look forward to it. But for those who want to shop now I suggest that you buy the instrument that is good in quality.

Out of Gosto to Blog

I must admit that in the past months I am not really active in the blogging world. The reason why I do not have the gosto to blog like I used too is because earning in blogging is getting more difficult each day. There are times that I thought of quiting but then I cant seemed to let go of my blogs. I guess it is because of the personal blog post I published since I started blogging.

I am hoping that this year I will be more active regardless if I am earning good or not. I have to remind my self that the reason why I am blogging is to have a site I can call my own where I can share my thoughts and experience.