October 23, 2014

Guitar, At It Best

I may not be a music orriented type of person but I know for a fact that when buying any kinds of music instrument is not easy as 123. There are few things to consider, quality is on top. Of course, you don't want to buy something that won't stay long. When it comes to guitar, you will surely find ample of choices both online and traditional store. But I will not deny the fact that you will have a greater chancs of finding good quality guitar online. Why I say so? It is because I haven't seen a real gibson 355 guitar in any stores that sale music instrument in the city. Or maybe it was not on display when I was in the store.

October 22, 2014

Less Fight

I must admit, misunderstanding have been our problem for the past couple of months. Perhaps it is because I and my boyfriend has been in an online relationship for quite a long time already. We may act as a real couple just like the normal couple but we haven't see each other personally. I guess we run out of patience to each other that we end up arguing most of the time. Although, we end up arguing and not talking for a week, we still manage to patch up our differences. After making up from our last quarrel I am grateful that we somehow manage to avoid arguing. So far, we are doing good and hopefully we can achieve our plan this time around. No doubt maintaining a long distance relationshiop is.not easy more so if it is an interracial relationship.