September 17, 2014

Of Wanting To Join The School Band

The little one really want to join the school band. He even mentioned to me that his teacher knew that he wants to be a member of the school band. With this the little one has high hope that he will be choosen when the practice started. The day come when his teacher called the attention of those who will join the band. Unfortunately he was notnincluded. I feel sorry for my son because he is really disappointed when he arrived home. If money is not an issue I will certainly get a drum for him. Just timely as I am checking the next generation drums online.

September 15, 2014

Lovers Quarrel

I and my boyfriend haven't been talking on skype and viber lately. If I remember it right, its already a week since we talked on skype. I was in a bad mood then as so he was so we clashed. It is not the first time but we always manage to patched up things at the end. I am hoping that we can surpass our differences once again.

Truly, maintaining a long distance relationship is not easy
 Moreso that I do not have the same patience that I have few years ago. I guess it is because I and the boyfriend have been in this virtual relationship for quite sometimes already. I more want want our relationship to real. Hopefully we can real soon.

September 05, 2014

New Matress

Few months after typhoon Haiyan I noticed that the matress I bought four years ago is not good as it is before. I really want to buy a new one but unfortunately I am facing a lot of financial expenses that are unexpected. With this I really don't know when I will have enough money for a new matress. Although I am not going to buy a new matress I could not stop myself from looking different kids of foam at It is because I will get to know what I really want.