July 25, 2014

My Cousin Is Back..

..home for good. My cousin who was working away from home decided to go home and opt to be a freelancer beautician. I would say that he learned a lot while working in a salon. In fact he nade it to top 5 when he joined a prestigious hair and makeup contest few months ago. Only if I have money I will certainly put up a salon and let my cousin work in my salon. I know where to buy revlon wigs that are awesome. But then I dont have money to pursue this plan just yet. Hopefully in the future I will make this plan into a reality.

Just Here!!

I thought I will not get a chance to post an update here but thanks God, after three months if being hiatus I am here again but not in full force as I am still thinking where to continue blogging or not. I must admit that my onlinevearning is getting bad each day so I am looking for another means of earning online. However, I could not deny the fact that blogging is still one of the most legit to earn online. With this being said I am positive that I will continue to blog.