April 15, 2014

A New Bag For Me

I know, I could own more than two bags but I am not a type of person who collect bags. I'd rather give it to my younger sister or to anyone than keep it to add my collection. Before the super typhoon Yolanda I own two bags but after the typhoon nothing of my bags was left. So I opt to buy a new one while we were in Cebu. I decided to buy the bag on sale because I the bag is still in good condition so I didn't have any hesitation. Everything seemed fine with the bag until two weeks ago. The zipper seemed not to work good, soI tried fixing it but something went wrong. Instead of fixing it I broke it. With that I am left without any option but to buy a new one, a replica of a famous brand. I cannot afford to buy authentic brand but it doesn't mean that I dont want to own one.
The replica bag I bought Anyway, I am actually hesitant to buy as I am eyeing a beautiful bag in an online store that I keep on visiting lately. In fact the bag is already in my cart. However, when I check my cart last night the bag is not there anymore. I guess someone bought it. I feel sad as I really wanted to buy it. I shall accept the fact that the bag is not for me and opt to check the huge selection of stylish women's bags at Zalora. And I found two bags that I want to buy. I still have to decide which one to buy because I cannot afford to buy two bag at once.