March 27, 2014

On Printing Business

No doubt, running a printing business is not easy as what you think it is. There lots of factor to consider for you to stay on top the industry. There are paper works to do as well.

If you are considering on having your own printing company I suggest you to check out print shop management online for it will help you succeed on this kind of business. It is not a secret that printing business seemed to grow fast these days. So its better that you know how to run your business.

March 23, 2014

On Recovery Stage

I am grateful that my boyfriend is getting better each day. I may not see him like I usually do before the operation but I happy to see him twice a day even if it is only take half an hour or less. He needs to rest and since it is a heart operation we really need to be careful. I pray that things will fall into places this time around so we could make our plan into a reality. It may not be easy but we will make it no matter how difficult it is.

March 17, 2014

On Finding Our True Love

It is really true that finding true love is very difficult to find. They say, true live will come at the right place, at the right time and with the right person. So you dont have to find it, true love will eventually come. Sometimes it will come at a time you less expect it to arrived. I had several breakups and heartaches in the past and it was really painful because I truly love them, then.

Although it was painful and it took me sometimes before I have move on, I've learned many lessons from it. especially when you are inlove with someone. It was painful but I've learned many lessons from it.

After the last relationship I had whom the father of my son, I decided to take it easy and wait for the right guy to come. After two years of being single I met my current boyfriend online. We have been through a lot of ups and down but I am grateful that we are still here and fighting for our relationship. I am really praying that our relationship will end up the way we want it, that is exchanging I do's and have one or two kid/s. There is no doubt that I will be the happiest girl on Earth when this happen. And hence, I have been searching on where to find Cheap Wedding Dresses  I know where to go if ever my big day will come. In fact, I am eyeing the gown in a one stop wedding store online. The site offers wide selection of bridal gowns, bridal party dresses, groom wear, bridal accessories, reception decorations and wedding favors.

Oh well, since I don't have any idea on when I am going to walk fown the aisle I shall settle on looking those stunning gowns, Wedding Veils and Wedding Shoes  . But I hope that my dream of becoming a bride will happen before I get too old.

March 16, 2014

Recovering From The Surgery

As I mentioned in my previous post the boyfriend had his second heart surgery two weeks ago. He is home now and recovering. Although he is home we only have a little time to spend online as he needs to rest, he need it for his fast recovery.

I fell bad that I am not with him to take care of his needs. Just like today, I was surprised when he told me that he start his walking exercise alone. I may sound over reacting but it gives me goose bump knowing that he is alone. I pray that the Lord Almighty continue to guide him.

March 13, 2014

Tropy Cam

Owning a high end camera is a dream come true for me. And certainly I am not the only one who wish to own this kind if camera. Hence, I dont believe that I cant afford to buy this kind of camera as I have other priorities, more important than a high end camera. But, it doesn't mean that I stop searching online store where I can find different models of cameras. Few days ago, I chance upon this website that offer Bushnell Trophy Cam. Honestly at first, I thought its not a camera, I get curious so I browse the page. Gladly I did it as I get know a little about this camera.

March 11, 2014

Sound And Safe

As I've mentioned in my previous post that the boyfriend will undergo a heart operation. The operation took place last Thursday. I hope I can explain the details on what kind of heart operation but my knowledge is not enough. What really matter is that my boyfriend is safe and finally discharge from the hospital. He is recovering as of this typing. He is in pain though, but he assure me that everything is okay. How I wish I am beside him to take good care of his needs. To my love, get well soon. I love you to the moon and back.