February 25, 2014

Good For Professional Singer

There is no doubt that being a professional singer having to own a good musical instrument like boss 70 is important. You may spend some money for it but if you know that it's worth the price then why not buy it. Anyway, if you are planning to buy new music instrument I advice you to browse online find huge selection of the instrument you want to acquire.


Admittedly, my boyfriend's health is not perfect. Before I met him he undergo heart surgery, all went well until two years (not so sure) that's the time he start complaining chest pain. The boyfriend undergo several tests, he even stayed in a place where he stayed for few days to assure that his heart is doing good. Recently he undergo several tests again because he believe that chest pain is feeling is getting worse. And my boyfriend is in deed right that he might need another surgery. After the test yesterday his doctors decided that he needs the surgery soon. I am praying that the operation will be successful and that he will feel good after the operation. As I type this blog post I am worried. Although he assured me that everything will turn okay I could not help but worry. I also feel bad as I am not beside him to take care of his need. How I wish we are together now.

February 17, 2014

Early To Rise

For the past few days I a having difficulties on sleeping, thanks to the beautiful song's of an local artist I slept Earlier last night. But before I finally dose off to bed I watched the concern of one of the good singer in the country. She is celebrating her 35th year in her career. I still could not believed she has been in the business for many years yet she still sing really good. Anyway while I was watching the concern the band on the podium grasp my attention. Why not its a big group and their musical instruments are superb. I even thought they use the bach trombone mouthpieces at WWBW. Oh well, I will not be surprised if they do.

February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's

I missed bogging yesterday, blame it to my not so efficient internet connection. I actually want to post an update here and work on with my undone tasks assigned to me by my all time favorite pay to blog website. Anyway, how did your Valentine's go? As for me, it was another normal day, no flowers, chocolate or anything. Do I sounds bitter? No I am not, although like any other girls I also want to received a gift from my partner but I hence we are in a long distance relationship, there are times that we cannot do the things that other couples do. I will just wait for the right time to come. The time when my boyfriend can hand me a bouquet of flower and a box of chocolate, it is surely sweet and awesome. To my love, thanks for the love and understanding. I love you!!