January 25, 2014

Savings On Music Instrument

We could not deny the fact that basic needs now a days are increasing rapidly. There are times that no matter how we try to make our ends met we can’t simply do it. In times of this, buying things that we want seemed impossible. Just like if you want a running a music studio or if you are a professional singers getting save on jam hub at musicians friend is really a big help for us to buy our music needs.

Good thing internet technology and online shopping has been invented.

Blogging From Away From Home

I am here blogging at the internet café, more than three hours away from home. But I am glad that I was able to see my boyfriend on cam a while ago. I really miss him so much and I am praying that we will be together soon. I have been praying for that to happen for quite sometimes now.

Since I am just blogging from the internet café I have a very limited time to blog. It’s also weekend here in my other part of the world and it’s kinda difficult to take a ride a bit later. I don’t want to be stock in the Tacloban, so I should be working as fast as I can.

January 22, 2014

DBX At It's Best

I could not deny the fact that I have been posting a lot about music instrument when in fact I am not a musically inclined type of person. I could not just help but share whatever find I find online which can help music lovers all over the world find what they are looking for online.

Today I will be sharing my latest find of music gadget, right after talking to my boyfriend I happen to came across the dbx at guitar center that usually seen in recording studio. I may not visit any recording studio yet but I somehow know that dbx plays a big rule to have a perfect music recording.

Happy To See Him

Woot! After almost two weeks of not seeing my boyfriend on cam I finally had a chance to see him on cam. I talked to him for more than an hour in skype. I usually see him three times a day everyday but it changed big time after the super typhoon hit our place. Ruined telephone and internet connection are one of many aftermath of the typhoon. I and the boyfriend agreed to talk again online next week. I really want to see him on Saturday but he don’t want me to travel for almost eight hours just to be online.

I am in deed lucky to have an understanding and loving perfect. Our relationship may not perfect as we also pretty quarrels like any other couple. But I am happy with what he have and I am praying that we will be together soon.