December 21, 2013

He Got His Own Guitar

Do you know someone who is into music? Or perhaps someone who love to play guitar? If so, then I am certain that giving them gifts like the exceptional moog guitars at Musicians Friend is surely a knock out. And the person who will receive this gift will certainly be happy. I remember my nephew who wants to have his own guitar. Gladly I don’t need to buy him one as he found a guitar right after the typhoon hit our town more than a month ago.

Talked To The Boyfriend

Aside from blogging I also I had a chance to talk to my boyfriend online. Since typhoon Yolanda I seldom talk to my boyfriend online. We only communicate through sms and calls. It can be expensive but it doesn’t matter. As long as we know we own each other and that we love each other. In deed maintaining a long distance relationship is not easy. But we have been in this relationship for few years already and I am sure we will survive.

December 10, 2013

Christmas Gift

For the past few year I am usually busy planning and checking of what to give to my nieces and nephews but it will not be the same this time around. I and my family is grieving as we lost some family members who are close to our heart. But then we will certainly celebrate the Christmas Day as a thanks giving for giving us a another chance of living in this world. Anyway I not facing a lot of problem I might be checking jewelry from here. They have ample of jewelries to choose from.

Fast Approaching

Yay! The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching. I will be celebrating Christmas with my family while my son J will staying in Cebu with his father's family. This will be our Christmas away from each other and I blame it to typhoon Yolanda. It will also the first Christmas without my older brother and his family. Indeed it will be a different Christmas.

December 05, 2013

Good Quality Of Music Instruments

Of course when we buy something for us or for our loved ones we want to be sure that the product we are paying is worth our money. Just like when we are buying music instruments. A good music instrument should be made of good quality materials, the music instruments should play properly.

Talking about music instruments, you can buy good vibraslap at musicians friend and other music instruments that you may need, whether it is for you or for your loved ones.

He Is Back Home

After almost a month of not seeing the boyfriend on cam I finally had a chance to see him on came a while ago. He is finally backed home after staying in United States of America for almost a month. Hopefully, he was able to finish what he needs to finish in the USA.

 Now that he is back to his country we have a lot of topic to tackle especially the rebuilding our home and other important things. After the devastating typhoon hit our province we are starting from the start. We were lucky that it was only our kitchen that give up, roof and doors.

December 03, 2013

Affordable Back Lights

A stunning back lights when performing on stage certainly give a party ambiance. I remember when I first witness a live band concert in the city some years ago I am stunned as soon as I saw the bank lights installed in the stage. Back then I never thought that back lights really play a big rule when performing live on stage.

Talking about back light, I recently came across a music website where one can find ample choices of affordable black lights. So if you are in a loom out for back lights you know what website to visit.

Yet Another Late Post

I honestly, I really don’t know what to write in here. I’ve been looking to the screen for few minutes now but still I word that comes to my mind. But because I need to make this non paid post before working on the tasks assign for this blog. So, I am really hoping that I will continue to tap the keyboard although it could only mean one thing, I will be posting another non sense post.

Oh well, it is not actually new to my reader as some of my post here are non sense since I choose not to share too much of my love life. In fact I was about to delete this blog but because I am still earning from this blog I opt not to delete it.