October 27, 2013

He Might Need Operation

The boyfriend had a bypass operation few months before I met him online. He told me that he is nursing from a bypass operation the moment we first chat. Now, after more than six years he might undergo another operation as one of the veins in his heart is clogged. The doctors haven’t decided yet whether he will go a bypass operation of will just widen the vein that is clogged. We are both praying and hoping that he will not need the bypass operation.

Hopefully, we will get the doctor’s verdict early next week. But as early as of now, we are starting planning of what we are going to do just in case he will undergo the bypass operation. The boyfriend knows that I am worry of what can happen to him on the operation but he assured me that he will get back and get me. Although he assured me that everything will be okay I just could not stop myself from worrying.

Why not? He is my man and I love him so much. We may be miles away but we feel like we are together.

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