September 14, 2013

PNP Office Visit

Few weeks ago, I was with my son J during their visit to the government offices in town. One of the offices they had visited was the PNP office, wherein the head officer talks about the work and task of a police officer. J was serious listening to the police officer as if I don’t know what he want to be when he grow old I would say he will be a policeman someday.

Talking about policemen, I know that policeman apparel and other accessories cannot be found in any store. They have a certain store where you can find asp handcuffs, caps, different kinds of guns, and etc. If y you are considering on giving a gift to someone who is a law enforcer, I urge you to shop online.

1 comment:

kimmy said...

i have such high regards to police officers as much as i have to other community helpers, but hopefully my son wouldn't want to be one someday, hehe!