September 14, 2013

PNP Office Visit

Few weeks ago, I was with my son J during their visit to the government offices in town. One of the offices they had visited was the PNP office, wherein the head officer talks about the work and task of a police officer. J was serious listening to the police officer as if I don’t know what he want to be when he grow old I would say he will be a policeman someday.

Talking about policemen, I know that policeman apparel and other accessories cannot be found in any store. They have a certain store where you can find asp handcuffs, caps, different kinds of guns, and etc. If y you are considering on giving a gift to someone who is a law enforcer, I urge you to shop online.

Love Quote

So how is weekend doing so far? As for me, I had a long nap with J and watch two movies online.

Well, I actually don’t have exciting story to share in here so I am sharing another love quotes I found online.
How do you find the quote? Lovely, right?

September 12, 2013

Rent A Text Book

My nephew L spent his elementary years in the public school so I don’t need to buy him his text books. However, it’s different this year for he is already in high school. I and my boyfriend decided to send him in the private school this time. He may have less expensive tuition fee compared to my son J but he is paying quite expensive for his text books.

Talking about text books, do you know that you can actually avoid spending too much on text books? Yes, you read it right guys, you can actually save on textbook by renting the text book you need at You can visit the site now and check the availability of the books you need. Who knows you can rent it instead of buying it.

September 10, 2013

Blessing Here

I think it will be a gloomy Tuesday at my end. Mr. Sushine hasn’t showed up, well, it showed up but he is hiding over the clouds.

Anyways, I have a good reason as to why I am updating this site. I am grateful that although I am neglecting this site most of the time I am still getting some blessing intended to this site. So I don’t know why I am considering on deleting this blog few months ago. But good thing I didn’t do it as soon as it crossed my mind, because if I did, I will certainly lose some income.

 Did you in some point think of deleting one of your blog because you don’t have much time updating it or because you don’t have much topic that will get along with your blog title?