July 04, 2013

Random Evening Thoughts

So I am finally up for an update here and it could only mean one thing. :-) I have an online opportunity for this neglected blog of mine.

Well, been wanting to post an update here but because I have been busy lately my time on blogging is not enough. I sometimes wish I am motivated to do my online thing when I get a chance to blog but I am a certified procrastinator. And, no matter how I try to kick this bad habit I always failed. I can fight it for few days but it will eventually get back without further notice, it’s a lame excuse I know.

On the lighter note, I am pleased that the boyfriend is almost done with the things that making him busy in the past couple of weeks. I may sometimes complain for having a short time for me but I know what he is doing is for our future. I am just being childish. But one thing is for sure, he never forgets to pamper me and make me smile in his own little ways.

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