June 02, 2013

Charice Pempengco: Yes, I Am A Lesbian

I am happy for Charice Pempengco has finally comes out in the open. After being silence of her sexual category she finally admitted during her interview with Mr Boy Abunda that she is indeed a lesbian. The speculation about her gender preference started to comes out when a photo of her sporting a boy hair cut.

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Just recently, she is reportedly eloped with the former X Factor finalist Alyssa Quijano, a member of a girl group AKA Jam. When asked by Boy Abunda about her relationship with Quijano, Charice stated Quijano isvery specially to her and if Boy would open her heart he will find out how she feel for Quijano. Charice may not admitted it directly nor reveal relationship to former X Factor finalist; I know that the two is into special relationship.

The family and fans of Charice may find it hard to accept her gender as of this typing but I am certain that the right time will come for acceptance and when that time comes, Charice will be very happy. Anyway, she is not the only artist/celebrity who admitted of being a lesbian and the fans still accepted them for who they are, just like Aiza Seguerra.

My Say: Charice Pempengco may attain the peace that she has been longing for since the rumors started few months ago. I wish she could achieve the true happiness now that she is free. Good luck to her and to her career!! As for her relationship with Alyssa Quijano, I am not perfect to judge them so I wish them the best of happiness.

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