April 02, 2013

Preparing For The Big Day

No doubt every couple would want to end up their relationship walking down the aisle. It is a dream come true for every lady, to down the aisle while the man of their dream is waiting at the altar. However planning a wedding can be exhausting yet exciting for the couple or should I say the bride. There are a lot of things to things to do to meet the couple dream wedding.

To be a bride is something I look forward, just the like any other girl out there. I have attended few weddings, often times I could ask myself the preparation they get through before the big day. I have few important things to share aside from the photographers, flowers, dresses and other small details needed in the wedding.


The ring plays a very important rule in a wedding. It symbolized of being married or being husband and wife. It also represents the undying love for each other. Hence the couple will always wear the wedding band, choosing the perfect wedding ring is important.

Wedding Gown

The bride is actually the center of attraction in a wedding. With this the bride usually want look fabulous on her big day. So, grooms out there don’t be surprised if your bride wants to have an elegant wedding gown on her wedding.

The Invitation

Listing the guest you want to witness the big day is very important. Of course, you don’t want to miss someone important in your wedding day. So before you headed to whoever will make your invitations you already know how many pieces of wedding invites you need.

Venue/Wedding Party

Choosing a venue can be daunting especially if want to have a lot of guess coming on your big day. Aside from that couple should also consider the weather before booking a wedding venue where the wedding party will take place. In the venue and wedding party, everything should be organized, from the program down to the wedding table decorations, like I said everything should be taken care off from big details down to small details.

Of course there are other important things to consider on preparing a wedding that I haven’t mentioned in this blog post.

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