April 13, 2013

Industrial Supplies Online

I remember I was uneasy when I purchased the materials needed for the home improve I planned few years ago. Shopping for tiles, good woods, cements, paints and other building materials is something that a woman would rather not do. Aside from it can be boring itcan be a daunting task as well.

Same goes when you are buying industrial supplies such as knobs, handles, band clamp, tools and etc. Buying the above mentioned is not easy but if you will buy them online you can get the job done in no sweat.

How I wish online shopping of building materials can be done here in my part of the globe so I will not have to fuss on my next home improvement project.

I'll Be Done, Finally

One more to go and I am done with my tasks that has been in my dashboard for like a decade now, just kidding. I actually have few days more before the due but I want to have a clean dashboard if ever there’s another batch of tasks coming my way. Another reason, I want them to be included in the next cut off which is tomorrow or the following day.

After I am done with my task, I plan to start visiting the participants in the comment exchange for this week. I haven’t started it yet. Also I want to watch yesterday’s episode of Be Careful with my Heart. I was in the city so I missed watching yesterday’s episode. I am lucky my internet provider allows me to watch the episode I missed.

April 11, 2013

Gift Idea For Trumpet Player

Are you planning to attend a birthday, thinking of buying something that will be of use the birthday celebrant? If so, then you should consider the things that the celebrant wants to do during his/her free time.

If the celebrant is a trumpet player and own one then I would say an excellent trumpet gig bag is a perfect gift. It will be very useful especially if the celebrant is traveling from one place to another to perform.

I am certain you will find music store online that offer good quality of this kind of bag.

Undone Task To Work On

I still have few undone tasks to do but and I aim to finish them today as I plan to do something tomorrow. I am really thankful that blessings keep pouring at my end. I am done with the offer from a new Direct Advertiser that was referred by a fellow mommy in one of the facebook group I am active with. I am now waiting for the reply from an old advertiser as he wants to advertise on my other blog, hopefully I will hear from him before the day ends.

As for now, I shall finish what I have in my all time favorite pay to blog site dashboard. Happy blogging!!

Summer Music Class

One thing that the kids and adult usually look forward on summer is that they can enroll in music. With this I am not surprised when I saw an advertisement hang in one of the waiting area on my way to downtown few days ago. One of the homeowners is holding a summer music class. Summer class is a good chance for those who wants to improve their talent in singing and playing music instruments.

I wonder if one of her student own an exciting bassoon instrument, like what I’ve seen online. I honestly don’t have an idea how expensive this instruments until a friend told me about it as her cousin is a look out of new bassoon. I suggested that they should try searching online for a cheaper one.

Productive Night

Tired and sleepy is what I am feeling as of this typing. All I want to do now is hit the sack. As much as want to stay longer to do finish the undone tasks I have in my all time favorite pay to blog site I simply cannot. However, I am thankful that I made this day night productive. I manage to visit the blogs I need to visit and I also manage to earn some from a Direct Advertiser. The fastest and deal I had so far. Why I say so? I got his e-mail this morning and before the day ends, we close the deal and I got paid.

So goodnight bloggers! I will just do my tasks first thing tomorrow..

April 09, 2013

Cleaning Your Computer Properly

You may see me sitting in front of my notebook or desktop before it crashed down but it doesn’t mean I know how to clean it properly to have a virus free computer. I admit I only know how to use it but other than that I really don’t know how to do it and I am not a risky type of person that will do something although I am not sure if I am doing it right.

Good thing we are in the internet age when we can get almost everything in just one click like for example if we have problem on our computer. You can search the net on how to clean out your computer if you suspect that your computer has virus and needs proper and thorough cleaning. So why fret when you can actually find best solution online.

On a Trip

I will surely miss the boyfriend as I won’t see him every day (three or twice a day) as he is on a trip. A friend of him asked him to work for his business outside the country for a month. Although we will be in constant communication such as calls and sms I still want to see him always.

Oh well, time flies so fast and before I knew it he is back to his country and I hope things will fall into places the way we want it. For some reasons we have been having serious argument for the past couple of weeks and although we manage to fix the problem we both know that we need to do something for us to finally solve our differences. I need a lot of patience and understanding until then.

April 02, 2013

Preparing For The Big Day

No doubt every couple would want to end up their relationship walking down the aisle. It is a dream come true for every lady, to down the aisle while the man of their dream is waiting at the altar. However planning a wedding can be exhausting yet exciting for the couple or should I say the bride. There are a lot of things to things to do to meet the couple dream wedding.

To be a bride is something I look forward, just the like any other girl out there. I have attended few weddings, often times I could ask myself the preparation they get through before the big day. I have few important things to share aside from the photographers, flowers, dresses and other small details needed in the wedding.


The ring plays a very important rule in a wedding. It symbolized of being married or being husband and wife. It also represents the undying love for each other. Hence the couple will always wear the wedding band, choosing the perfect wedding ring is important.

Wedding Gown

The bride is actually the center of attraction in a wedding. With this the bride usually want look fabulous on her big day. So, grooms out there don’t be surprised if your bride wants to have an elegant wedding gown on her wedding.

The Invitation

Listing the guest you want to witness the big day is very important. Of course, you don’t want to miss someone important in your wedding day. So before you headed to whoever will make your invitations you already know how many pieces of wedding invites you need.

Venue/Wedding Party

Choosing a venue can be daunting especially if want to have a lot of guess coming on your big day. Aside from that couple should also consider the weather before booking a wedding venue where the wedding party will take place. In the venue and wedding party, everything should be organized, from the program down to the wedding table decorations, like I said everything should be taken care off from big details down to small details.

Of course there are other important things to consider on preparing a wedding that I haven’t mentioned in this blog post.