March 23, 2013

On Lover's Quarrel

According to wiki answers, a lover's quarrel is when two people who love each other argue over a certain subject and later they make up and all is right with the world until their next lover's quarrel.

As I have mentioned on several occasions here, there is no such thing as perfect relationship. Like any other couples I and the boyfriend also have our fair share of lover’s quarrels. In as much as we both don’t want this to happen, it happens from time to time. Just like yesterday, we had an argument, until now we are trying to patch up things. The good thing is that although we know that we are not good to each other we try to come online to talk although it means that we could end up arguing again.

This morning after we talk I got a message in my phone. Here it goes

I love you now, I love you tomorrow, I love you the day after tomorrow and every day after that. I pray to God you always be my girl. I simply love you.

How wish, words are enough to make better but more than anything I more want an action. I am not saying that he failed to show it to me that he loves me; there are times that I words aren’t enough. As the saying goes “Action speak louder than words”.

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