March 30, 2013

Why Good Friday Is Good

The little one had fever last Holy Wednesday and Maundy Thursday. I thought I will be staying at home with him and I’ll miss the procession on Good Friday but gladly he continue to get well so we manage to took part on the traditional Good Friday procession after the liturgy celebration.

So, why Good Friday is good when it actually not good but sad as the Christ was crucified and died. To satisfy my curiosity I search the web for an answer. I found out that Good Friday is called “good” instead of “sad” because Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save us from our sins.

Before I publish this blog post I’d like to share this religious quote:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

March 29, 2013

Arch Support

As we get older out joints is getting weak as well, it is something that we can’t escape. However, we can do something to minimized joint pain. I am thirty something I don’t deny that when I am walking too much I feel like my feet is going to give up on me anytime because of pain. Although I make sure that buy and wear comfortable footwear there are times that I wish I have best arch support inserts. The boyfriend owns few of it and h promised he will buy for me and mother.

Honestly, I haven’t seen arch support but as the boyfriend told me it makes him comfortable when walking. With this I am certain that this is something we should have especially if we are on travel or we are doing our morning exercise.

Done Almost

One more to go and I am done with the undone tasks in my all-time favorite paying site dashboard. After I am done with my tasks, hopefully I could start visiting the participants for this week ComEx. I also want to update all my blogs, I have photos to share that I’ve been planning to share but I always end up being lazy.

On the lighter note, it’s Good Friday. I plan to attend the procession later today like I always do in the previous Good Friday’s. Attending the procession has been my habit for some years now. The only problem is the little one has fever last night and I am afraid I need to stay home with him. But he seems to be okay since this morning so perhaps I can go.

March 23, 2013

Perfect Time For Home Improvement

One of the important things to consider when planning home renovation is the weather. Of course, you don’t want to start renovating your home in a rainy season. Summer is the perfect time to start the renovation you’re planning. I am certain that there will be no hassle such as rain or storm that will make the renovation time-consuming and takes longer to finish than the original plan.

Talking about home improvement, if money is not an issue you may want to consider adding the beauty of your garden and check out the best selection of outdoor fountains online or better yet visit It’s the perfect place to head on when it comes to different types of fountains.

On Lover's Quarrel

According to wiki answers, a lover's quarrel is when two people who love each other argue over a certain subject and later they make up and all is right with the world until their next lover's quarrel.

As I have mentioned on several occasions here, there is no such thing as perfect relationship. Like any other couples I and the boyfriend also have our fair share of lover’s quarrels. In as much as we both don’t want this to happen, it happens from time to time. Just like yesterday, we had an argument, until now we are trying to patch up things. The good thing is that although we know that we are not good to each other we try to come online to talk although it means that we could end up arguing again.

This morning after we talk I got a message in my phone. Here it goes

I love you now, I love you tomorrow, I love you the day after tomorrow and every day after that. I pray to God you always be my girl. I simply love you.

How wish, words are enough to make better but more than anything I more want an action. I am not saying that he failed to show it to me that he loves me; there are times that I words aren’t enough. As the saying goes “Action speak louder than words”.

March 02, 2013

They Failed To Quite Smoking

I thought my brothers will finally stop smoking after the increase of cigarette but I was wrong as they are into smoking until now. I sometimes tell them to start kicking the habit and use the money to spend in other important stuff but to no avail. I guess I shall give up on hoping that they will stop the smoking habit in the near future.

For some people who can’t stop smoking they opt to buy partagas cigars online to save some bucks. I wonder if my brothers will like the taste of this product or if they have tried this brand of cigar.

Ups And Down

Like any other ordinary relationship, my relationship with my long time online boyfriend has its fair share of ups and downs. There are times we almost give up on fighting our relationship but at the end of the day we are back in each other arms, not literally as we are miles away from each other but we knew that we love each other and we will have each other whatever comes our way.

I know, I am can be stubborn and would not listen to reasons. But I am grateful that the boyfriend is always ready to forgive me and understand my short comings. As for me, he will always complain that it takes time before I could forgive and understand him which is true. But he knows my reason why I acting like that and he understand it. See, I am lucky to have him as a boyfriend.

I can’t ask for more than to wake up each morning seeing his face next to mine. I hope that we can make this happen before we both get too old.