February 26, 2013

Few Days Left

I was watching the local TV show a while ago, before the show end they featured what the local DJ’s have been doing on this love month. One had a blast with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day while the other DJ traveled around the Visayas region, while the two DJ’s had been busy working together.

It’s few days before the love month’s end, yet I haven’t had a chance to meet with my friends. We had a plan of meeting up but because of some reasons we simply couldn’t do it this month but hopefully we can have the plan meet up soon.

On the other note, I may not have a chance to celebrate the love month with the boyfriend as we are miles away from each other I am still grateful that we are doing great and we are catching up for lost time pretty well. As of this typing he is finalizing some important stuff for us and hopefully he can finish it next week so we could start with our plan the soonest possible time.

As for now, I shall be patience and be positive as per the boyfriend’s advice. I oath to follow his advice this time around I know I’ve been a stubborn girlfriend to him at times.

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