December 21, 2013

He Got His Own Guitar

Do you know someone who is into music? Or perhaps someone who love to play guitar? If so, then I am certain that giving them gifts like the exceptional moog guitars at Musicians Friend is surely a knock out. And the person who will receive this gift will certainly be happy. I remember my nephew who wants to have his own guitar. Gladly I don’t need to buy him one as he found a guitar right after the typhoon hit our town more than a month ago.

Talked To The Boyfriend

Aside from blogging I also I had a chance to talk to my boyfriend online. Since typhoon Yolanda I seldom talk to my boyfriend online. We only communicate through sms and calls. It can be expensive but it doesn’t matter. As long as we know we own each other and that we love each other. In deed maintaining a long distance relationship is not easy. But we have been in this relationship for few years already and I am sure we will survive.

December 10, 2013

Christmas Gift

For the past few year I am usually busy planning and checking of what to give to my nieces and nephews but it will not be the same this time around. I and my family is grieving as we lost some family members who are close to our heart. But then we will certainly celebrate the Christmas Day as a thanks giving for giving us a another chance of living in this world. Anyway I not facing a lot of problem I might be checking jewelry from here. They have ample of jewelries to choose from.

Fast Approaching

Yay! The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching. I will be celebrating Christmas with my family while my son J will staying in Cebu with his father's family. This will be our Christmas away from each other and I blame it to typhoon Yolanda. It will also the first Christmas without my older brother and his family. Indeed it will be a different Christmas.

December 05, 2013

Good Quality Of Music Instruments

Of course when we buy something for us or for our loved ones we want to be sure that the product we are paying is worth our money. Just like when we are buying music instruments. A good music instrument should be made of good quality materials, the music instruments should play properly.

Talking about music instruments, you can buy good vibraslap at musicians friend and other music instruments that you may need, whether it is for you or for your loved ones.

He Is Back Home

After almost a month of not seeing the boyfriend on cam I finally had a chance to see him on came a while ago. He is finally backed home after staying in United States of America for almost a month. Hopefully, he was able to finish what he needs to finish in the USA.

 Now that he is back to his country we have a lot of topic to tackle especially the rebuilding our home and other important things. After the devastating typhoon hit our province we are starting from the start. We were lucky that it was only our kitchen that give up, roof and doors.

December 03, 2013

Affordable Back Lights

A stunning back lights when performing on stage certainly give a party ambiance. I remember when I first witness a live band concert in the city some years ago I am stunned as soon as I saw the bank lights installed in the stage. Back then I never thought that back lights really play a big rule when performing live on stage.

Talking about back light, I recently came across a music website where one can find ample choices of affordable black lights. So if you are in a loom out for back lights you know what website to visit.

Yet Another Late Post

I honestly, I really don’t know what to write in here. I’ve been looking to the screen for few minutes now but still I word that comes to my mind. But because I need to make this non paid post before working on the tasks assign for this blog. So, I am really hoping that I will continue to tap the keyboard although it could only mean one thing, I will be posting another non sense post.

Oh well, it is not actually new to my reader as some of my post here are non sense since I choose not to share too much of my love life. In fact I was about to delete this blog but because I am still earning from this blog I opt not to delete it.

October 29, 2013

Industrial Materials?

..but it online.

Clothing, jewelries, perfumes, make-up, bags and other accessories are the usual stuff that shopper buy online. Who would have thought that you can actually buy industrial materials online?

I am pretty sure it didn’t cross your mind the same way that I didn’t think about it as well. But after I friend told me about an online store that specialize in industrial materials like such tooling components, fasteners and hardware, material handling and much more. Since the site has been in the business for quite sometimes now I somehow know that these products are made of good quality materials. For more information, you can visit the site now!

October 27, 2013

He Might Need Operation

The boyfriend had a bypass operation few months before I met him online. He told me that he is nursing from a bypass operation the moment we first chat. Now, after more than six years he might undergo another operation as one of the veins in his heart is clogged. The doctors haven’t decided yet whether he will go a bypass operation of will just widen the vein that is clogged. We are both praying and hoping that he will not need the bypass operation.

Hopefully, we will get the doctor’s verdict early next week. But as early as of now, we are starting planning of what we are going to do just in case he will undergo the bypass operation. The boyfriend knows that I am worry of what can happen to him on the operation but he assured me that he will get back and get me. Although he assured me that everything will be okay I just could not stop myself from worrying.

Why not? He is my man and I love him so much. We may be miles away but we feel like we are together.

October 03, 2013

Coin Collection

I personally know someone who has a jar of coin collection. The first time I saw her families coin collection I was amaze as the coin is actually came from different countries. I even ask my friend if how long her family started collecting coins, and I am more surprised to know that the collection started from her grandfather. Surprised as I am I started checking the coins; I even find some coins that are attractive.

Now, I am wondering if those attractive coins are from I forgot to ask my friend as we were in a hurry to go.

October 01, 2013

Thankful For The Blessing

Oh boy! This really needs more of my attentions. I have promised countless of times to regularly update this site but to no avail. I am considering of just deleting this site but because this site is somehow helping me to augment my earning I choice not to delete it.

Anyway, I am grateful that although this site is neglected most of the time I am happy that I still get tasks assign from this site from time to time. Not always but I surely get something to work on each month. Not bad since blogging earning has been slow for the past couple of months.

September 14, 2013

PNP Office Visit

Few weeks ago, I was with my son J during their visit to the government offices in town. One of the offices they had visited was the PNP office, wherein the head officer talks about the work and task of a police officer. J was serious listening to the police officer as if I don’t know what he want to be when he grow old I would say he will be a policeman someday.

Talking about policemen, I know that policeman apparel and other accessories cannot be found in any store. They have a certain store where you can find asp handcuffs, caps, different kinds of guns, and etc. If y you are considering on giving a gift to someone who is a law enforcer, I urge you to shop online.

Love Quote

So how is weekend doing so far? As for me, I had a long nap with J and watch two movies online.

Well, I actually don’t have exciting story to share in here so I am sharing another love quotes I found online.
How do you find the quote? Lovely, right?

September 12, 2013

Rent A Text Book

My nephew L spent his elementary years in the public school so I don’t need to buy him his text books. However, it’s different this year for he is already in high school. I and my boyfriend decided to send him in the private school this time. He may have less expensive tuition fee compared to my son J but he is paying quite expensive for his text books.

Talking about text books, do you know that you can actually avoid spending too much on text books? Yes, you read it right guys, you can actually save on textbook by renting the text book you need at You can visit the site now and check the availability of the books you need. Who knows you can rent it instead of buying it.

September 10, 2013

Blessing Here

I think it will be a gloomy Tuesday at my end. Mr. Sushine hasn’t showed up, well, it showed up but he is hiding over the clouds.

Anyways, I have a good reason as to why I am updating this site. I am grateful that although I am neglecting this site most of the time I am still getting some blessing intended to this site. So I don’t know why I am considering on deleting this blog few months ago. But good thing I didn’t do it as soon as it crossed my mind, because if I did, I will certainly lose some income.

 Did you in some point think of deleting one of your blog because you don’t have much time updating it or because you don’t have much topic that will get along with your blog title?

August 28, 2013

Lovely Homecoming Dresses

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you heard the word “back to school”? It is shopping or the homecoming? For some, homecoming is exciting than buying school supplies and other stuff needing for school opening. We cannot deny the fact the school parties like the homecoming is something that student are looking forward when back to school is just a few days ago.

Preparing for the homecoming can be daunting especially if you don’t have any idea what dress to wear. Or perhaps you still need to buy the dress you are going to wear for the big day. Let’s admit it ladies, we all want to stand out when we are in the party. We don’t want to see someone wearing the same or similar dress that you are wearing. It is certainly a disaster. However if you will opt to shop the dress you are going to wear online I am pretty sure no one will wear the same dress that you wearing and most of all you can find cheap homecoming dresses without going anywhere.

At DressFirst, they have huge selection of dresses to choose from that will perfectly fit into your budget and size. Take a look of what I’ve found while browsing the online store.

So what can you say? Isn't it lovely and elegant?

Mummi Bear

I was scanning my old photos when I saw an old picture of me in our room. The picture was taken few years ago. In the picture I am showing off the teddy bear I got from my boyfriend. The heart shape small pillow is also from him. He sent it with a dozen of red roses. Too bad I missed importing my pictures in my friendster profile.

Receiving surprised gifts from our love ones especially from our partner is really sweet. It’s been a while since the last time I received a special gift from my boyfriend. Not that I don’t get any gift from him but he choose to send me the money and let me buy what I want. He said it’s more practical. I may not find it sweet but it’s the thought that counts. Right?

Oh! By the way, the name of the bear is Mummi.

August 22, 2013

Have A Splendid Las Vegas Experience

To be able to travel outside the country is a dream come true. I could not deny the fact is travelling is on top of my list if money is not an issue. I know I am not alone on this for I know most of us if not all would like to experience travel to another place.

A trip to a magnificent city like Las Vegas is certainly an exciting experience. Las Vegas is branded as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” it is famous for gambling, shopping, nightlife and fine dining. However before you could actually experience the beauty and culture of the place you have to plan our trip ahead. Itinerary of the trip plays a big rule to have a hassle free and memorable trip. If you already have the itinerary finding a perfect place to stay is next step to do.

We are in a modern age, wherein finding hotel accommodation is really easy. However if you want your Las Vegas experience a memorable one, staying at Wynn Hotel Las Vegas is an excellent option. Why I say so? Wynn Hotel Las Vegas offer one of the best accommodations any one can have, a complete Vegas experience. Imagine yourself dining in a world class restaurant or enjoying the nightlife you haven’t experience in your whole life without any hassle. Or perhaps shopping like there is no tomorrow right outside your hotel room and experience the spa after shopping is certainly a good experience. All this can be done in one place. Isn’t it amazing?

So if you’re planning for a Vegas trip whether you are with your loved ones or friends you know where to stay.

August 21, 2013

Taken For Granted

Yay! I didn’t notice that I haven’t been posting anything here. My excuses for not updating this blog are a lame excuse. But gladly my all time favorite pay to blog site has something for this neglected blog so I have a reason to post something in here.

On the other hand, for some reason my boyfriend and I are not talking regularly. Hopefully, everything will get back to normal real soon as I miss him so much. We had a chance to talk last night but it seemed that I didn’t get enough of him. Well, no wonder I feel like this as I am use in seeing him three times a day. I look forward to the day I wake up seeing his face next to me in bed :-)

August 02, 2013

Watching The Voice Philippines

I seldom watch television as I am usually busy reading my paperbacks collection or I am doing my online thing. However, if I have free time and my son J and nephew L are in school or sleeping I usually catch up watching my favorite show on television. On weekends I would not let the night pass without watching my recent favorite show, The Voice of the Philippines. I have seen the blind audition and few of them is guitarist. I wonder if one of those contestant actually own a taylor 414 at guitar center.

If ever, won’t be a surprised anymore for they actually a member of a band. I know that the instrument used in a band who plays their music professionally is of good quality.

August 01, 2013


Apologize my smiley blog post. I could not think of an appropriate tittle as of this moment.

I was randomly browsing from one site to another when I stumbled upon this quote. I wanted to share it right then but because I was in a hurry to go I opt to post it when I come back online but I became busy that I totally forgot it until today as I could not think of what to share in here.

July 28, 2013

They Are Into Music

Looks like the younger generation of the family is into music, not in to singing but they are into playing music instrument. As I’ve mentioned in my other blog my nephew L is officially a member of the school band. And recently I found out that my cousin is also a member of their school band. I saw him playing a pbone look alike instrument. He lucky though as the instrument he is playing is provided by the school while I bought the instrument that L is using.

I only hope that both of them are serious to join the school band. As we all know there are times that they need to practice a lot and it could be tiring.

July 22, 2013

Sweet Of Him

I was complaining something to the boyfriend yesterday. I know I am sometimes unfair and childish but then again there are times that I want and would demand his attention although I know he is busy running errands. The reason why our time talking is shortens. We were not usually in good term when we end our chat but after few minutes he called up and asked me to go back online. I feel good with his gesture for I he shows how important I am to him.

To my boyfriend, thanks for understanding, the love and care that you have bestowed upon me, to my son and to my family. I know I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to the day when we became one for when that time comes I can prove you then how much I love you and how much you mean to me.

July 20, 2013

Cheap Printing Company

Do you feel like your business needs a good marketing strategy? If so, then perhaps you may need the help of a good printing company like for your printing needs. The site helps you find local printing companies that will help you with your marketing needs and design tips for your business cards, brochures, catalogs and other materials that you may need in marketing your business.

Why not choose an expensive printing company when you can actually get the same quality for a cheaper price. You just have to find them

He Loves Fairy Tale

If there is one thing I noticed to my son J is that he loves to watch fairy tales and the like movies and shows. I am certain that he get this attitude from me, honestly at the age of 34 I am still a big fan of Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Snow White and fairy tales movies. One of J’s favorite is Tangled, he watched it countless times already and I don’t think he will stop watching the movie any time soon.

Another thing that we are in common is that we like to watch action movies. We both watch Real Steel and will cry at the end. He is indeed my son no doubt about it..:-)

July 16, 2013

On Different Kinds Of Hose

Admittedly, I haven’t seen a real aircraft fuel hose not until I came across this website called Delafield Corporation. The site is a certified hose distributor of aviation fueling house and aircraft hose assemblies. But in fact company doesn’t only distribute aviation hoses for they specialize in engineering manufacturing and sales of products make use of piping, pumps, hoses, manifolds, tubing and valves.

So if you’re searching for good quality and durability of the above mentioned products you know where to go.

July 13, 2013

It’s a weekend and the weather is gloomy. I hope Mr Sunshine will show up later today for today is laundry time. My Aunt who does our laundry usually does it on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Anyway, I wake early today as I am going to attend the GPTA meeting at 8 am. Since it is a bit early to take my shower I decided to browse randomly and I found this lovely quotes and thought of sharing it here.

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” ― Anonymous, Holy Bible: New International Version

July 04, 2013

Stunning Riding Clothes

I always admire women who are popular on their chosen field of sports. One of my favorite athletes who made it to international competition is Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski, she is an equestrienne.

Just recently, I happen to came across to her official site and I had a chance to browse some of her photos. One thing I found out while browsing her photos is that she is really stunning in her riding clothing. I wonder how much she spent in all her riding clothes especially the clothes she is wearing in international competitions.

Talking about riding clothes and other equestrienne apparel I place called is the best place to head on. They provide the latest stylish and technology in equestrian apparel and horse riding gears for men and women, young and adult. They also offer tips on how to keep your horse healthy and looking good. I wonder if my favorite equestrian had a chance to visit the site before.

Random Evening Thoughts

So I am finally up for an update here and it could only mean one thing. :-) I have an online opportunity for this neglected blog of mine.

Well, been wanting to post an update here but because I have been busy lately my time on blogging is not enough. I sometimes wish I am motivated to do my online thing when I get a chance to blog but I am a certified procrastinator. And, no matter how I try to kick this bad habit I always failed. I can fight it for few days but it will eventually get back without further notice, it’s a lame excuse I know.

On the lighter note, I am pleased that the boyfriend is almost done with the things that making him busy in the past couple of weeks. I may sometimes complain for having a short time for me but I know what he is doing is for our future. I am just being childish. But one thing is for sure, he never forgets to pamper me and make me smile in his own little ways.

June 22, 2013

Where To Stay In Paris

Who would not want to see the Eiffel Tower or the Notre Dame Cathedral and how about the Louvre Museum and other famous attractions in Paris? No doubt, we all want to see those above mentioned landmarks.

Talking about Paris, if you happen to visit the place in the near future with your family or friends finding a place to stay for everybody in one place is a daunting task. However if you will consider checking parisluxeapt paris luxury apartment rentals then find the right place to stay is easy. They cater Paris apartments for families and a group of four or more.

So to have a hassle free accommodation in your Paris vacation, I urge you to check out the Paris Luxe.

True Love Happens

I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite sometimes, already. Thanks to my all time favorite pay to blog site as I still get tasks to work on for this blog although I failed to post an update regularly.

Anyway, I would like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Richard Poon. I am not a diehard fan nor I personally know any of them but I am happy for the newlywed couple. In spite of the controversies that Maricar Reyes has been through they still end up being together.

No doubt their kind of love, is true love. I saw them on Kris TV few months ago when they announce to the public that they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. It was their first interview and perhaps first appearance on television as a couple (boyfriend and girlfriend) and I know then that they are really in love. I even cried while listening to their love story.

June 04, 2013

Kitchen Cabinets Organizer

I’ve mentioned on several occasions that our home still needs a lot of home improving to do. If I have extra money as of this moment I’d like to install cabinets both in our kitchen and in our bedrooms. I do have a lot of things that need proper keeping but since my dresser is already full you can see some of my stuff lurking anywhere in our room.

As for the kitchen, I already have an idea what to install. I have read somewhere that a cabinet organizer is a good option, perhaps a revashelf would do. I know of an online store where I can find wide selection of cabinets organizer that will fits our needs and budget just in case I have budget for it.

June 02, 2013

Charice Pempengco: Yes, I Am A Lesbian

I am happy for Charice Pempengco has finally comes out in the open. After being silence of her sexual category she finally admitted during her interview with Mr Boy Abunda that she is indeed a lesbian. The speculation about her gender preference started to comes out when a photo of her sporting a boy hair cut.

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of

Just recently, she is reportedly eloped with the former X Factor finalist Alyssa Quijano, a member of a girl group AKA Jam. When asked by Boy Abunda about her relationship with Quijano, Charice stated Quijano isvery specially to her and if Boy would open her heart he will find out how she feel for Quijano. Charice may not admitted it directly nor reveal relationship to former X Factor finalist; I know that the two is into special relationship.

The family and fans of Charice may find it hard to accept her gender as of this typing but I am certain that the right time will come for acceptance and when that time comes, Charice will be very happy. Anyway, she is not the only artist/celebrity who admitted of being a lesbian and the fans still accepted them for who they are, just like Aiza Seguerra.

My Say: Charice Pempengco may attain the peace that she has been longing for since the rumors started few months ago. I wish she could achieve the true happiness now that she is free. Good luck to her and to her career!! As for her relationship with Alyssa Quijano, I am not perfect to judge them so I wish them the best of happiness.

May 14, 2013

Record Your Song Like A Professional

The mid-term election is finally over although the counting of votes is not yet over in some part of the country. Although the election and campaign period is already over, the jingles or team songs of the candidates are still lingering on my thoughts. Often times I wonder what device the candidates used to record their jingles.

Speaking about recording your masterpieces, before there is no better way to record your songs than going to professional studios and pay quite a lot of money just for your to record your songs professionally. But that was before, as you can buy avid pro tools online that you can use to record your songs without the help of professionals. This tool will help those who want to be a professional singer.

Blogging Non-Stop

I wanted to post an update here in the past couple of days but for some reasons I always forget to do it. Just because I haven’t post an update here for a week here I am working non-stop as I have some tasks to work on from my all time favorite pay to blog site. I should prioritize updating my blogs when I don’t have any work to do online than playing on facebook.

On the lighter note, my boyfriend is finally home after a month of staying in another country. Just feel bad for he is sick, so we are not yet chatting regularly though I see him on cam twice a day. Hopefully, he will get better soon for he has a lot of important things to work.

May 04, 2013

Working Boots For Women

I have seen a lot of women working in a place where majority or the workers are men and they seemed to work perfectly fine. Wondering what I am talking about? I am talking about construction business. Let’s admit it, a lot of women are into construction business nowadays. In fact I personally know someone who is own and manage by a woman.

But of course her husband is helping her. I wonder if she own womens steel toe boots and wore then when she is visiting the site. Just in case she haven’t own one I shall share the online store I recently found. It offers wide variety of working boots, working clothes, safety gear, clothing accessories and much more.

I Overlook This

Darn! This site undoubtedly needs some thorough attention. I could not believe that I forgot to post an update here for almost three weeks. I have promised countless times that I will post an update here in a regular basis but I always failed to do it. I guess this is something I should always remember before I allow myself to get busy play online.

On the other hand, I am grateful that my all time favorite pay to blog website doesn’t neglect this blog unlike me. With this I have a very good reason not to neglect this blog. Surely, a lot of bloggers out there will agree when I said that the downside of having multiple sites to maintain is that you sometimes forgot where blog is updated and which one is not.

April 13, 2013

Industrial Supplies Online

I remember I was uneasy when I purchased the materials needed for the home improve I planned few years ago. Shopping for tiles, good woods, cements, paints and other building materials is something that a woman would rather not do. Aside from it can be boring itcan be a daunting task as well.

Same goes when you are buying industrial supplies such as knobs, handles, band clamp, tools and etc. Buying the above mentioned is not easy but if you will buy them online you can get the job done in no sweat.

How I wish online shopping of building materials can be done here in my part of the globe so I will not have to fuss on my next home improvement project.

I'll Be Done, Finally

One more to go and I am done with my tasks that has been in my dashboard for like a decade now, just kidding. I actually have few days more before the due but I want to have a clean dashboard if ever there’s another batch of tasks coming my way. Another reason, I want them to be included in the next cut off which is tomorrow or the following day.

After I am done with my task, I plan to start visiting the participants in the comment exchange for this week. I haven’t started it yet. Also I want to watch yesterday’s episode of Be Careful with my Heart. I was in the city so I missed watching yesterday’s episode. I am lucky my internet provider allows me to watch the episode I missed.

April 11, 2013

Gift Idea For Trumpet Player

Are you planning to attend a birthday, thinking of buying something that will be of use the birthday celebrant? If so, then you should consider the things that the celebrant wants to do during his/her free time.

If the celebrant is a trumpet player and own one then I would say an excellent trumpet gig bag is a perfect gift. It will be very useful especially if the celebrant is traveling from one place to another to perform.

I am certain you will find music store online that offer good quality of this kind of bag.

Undone Task To Work On

I still have few undone tasks to do but and I aim to finish them today as I plan to do something tomorrow. I am really thankful that blessings keep pouring at my end. I am done with the offer from a new Direct Advertiser that was referred by a fellow mommy in one of the facebook group I am active with. I am now waiting for the reply from an old advertiser as he wants to advertise on my other blog, hopefully I will hear from him before the day ends.

As for now, I shall finish what I have in my all time favorite pay to blog site dashboard. Happy blogging!!

Summer Music Class

One thing that the kids and adult usually look forward on summer is that they can enroll in music. With this I am not surprised when I saw an advertisement hang in one of the waiting area on my way to downtown few days ago. One of the homeowners is holding a summer music class. Summer class is a good chance for those who wants to improve their talent in singing and playing music instruments.

I wonder if one of her student own an exciting bassoon instrument, like what I’ve seen online. I honestly don’t have an idea how expensive this instruments until a friend told me about it as her cousin is a look out of new bassoon. I suggested that they should try searching online for a cheaper one.

Productive Night

Tired and sleepy is what I am feeling as of this typing. All I want to do now is hit the sack. As much as want to stay longer to do finish the undone tasks I have in my all time favorite pay to blog site I simply cannot. However, I am thankful that I made this day night productive. I manage to visit the blogs I need to visit and I also manage to earn some from a Direct Advertiser. The fastest and deal I had so far. Why I say so? I got his e-mail this morning and before the day ends, we close the deal and I got paid.

So goodnight bloggers! I will just do my tasks first thing tomorrow..

April 09, 2013

Cleaning Your Computer Properly

You may see me sitting in front of my notebook or desktop before it crashed down but it doesn’t mean I know how to clean it properly to have a virus free computer. I admit I only know how to use it but other than that I really don’t know how to do it and I am not a risky type of person that will do something although I am not sure if I am doing it right.

Good thing we are in the internet age when we can get almost everything in just one click like for example if we have problem on our computer. You can search the net on how to clean out your computer if you suspect that your computer has virus and needs proper and thorough cleaning. So why fret when you can actually find best solution online.

On a Trip

I will surely miss the boyfriend as I won’t see him every day (three or twice a day) as he is on a trip. A friend of him asked him to work for his business outside the country for a month. Although we will be in constant communication such as calls and sms I still want to see him always.

Oh well, time flies so fast and before I knew it he is back to his country and I hope things will fall into places the way we want it. For some reasons we have been having serious argument for the past couple of weeks and although we manage to fix the problem we both know that we need to do something for us to finally solve our differences. I need a lot of patience and understanding until then.

April 02, 2013

Preparing For The Big Day

No doubt every couple would want to end up their relationship walking down the aisle. It is a dream come true for every lady, to down the aisle while the man of their dream is waiting at the altar. However planning a wedding can be exhausting yet exciting for the couple or should I say the bride. There are a lot of things to things to do to meet the couple dream wedding.

To be a bride is something I look forward, just the like any other girl out there. I have attended few weddings, often times I could ask myself the preparation they get through before the big day. I have few important things to share aside from the photographers, flowers, dresses and other small details needed in the wedding.


The ring plays a very important rule in a wedding. It symbolized of being married or being husband and wife. It also represents the undying love for each other. Hence the couple will always wear the wedding band, choosing the perfect wedding ring is important.

Wedding Gown

The bride is actually the center of attraction in a wedding. With this the bride usually want look fabulous on her big day. So, grooms out there don’t be surprised if your bride wants to have an elegant wedding gown on her wedding.

The Invitation

Listing the guest you want to witness the big day is very important. Of course, you don’t want to miss someone important in your wedding day. So before you headed to whoever will make your invitations you already know how many pieces of wedding invites you need.

Venue/Wedding Party

Choosing a venue can be daunting especially if want to have a lot of guess coming on your big day. Aside from that couple should also consider the weather before booking a wedding venue where the wedding party will take place. In the venue and wedding party, everything should be organized, from the program down to the wedding table decorations, like I said everything should be taken care off from big details down to small details.

Of course there are other important things to consider on preparing a wedding that I haven’t mentioned in this blog post.

March 30, 2013

Why Good Friday Is Good

The little one had fever last Holy Wednesday and Maundy Thursday. I thought I will be staying at home with him and I’ll miss the procession on Good Friday but gladly he continue to get well so we manage to took part on the traditional Good Friday procession after the liturgy celebration.

So, why Good Friday is good when it actually not good but sad as the Christ was crucified and died. To satisfy my curiosity I search the web for an answer. I found out that Good Friday is called “good” instead of “sad” because Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save us from our sins.

Before I publish this blog post I’d like to share this religious quote:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

March 29, 2013

Arch Support

As we get older out joints is getting weak as well, it is something that we can’t escape. However, we can do something to minimized joint pain. I am thirty something I don’t deny that when I am walking too much I feel like my feet is going to give up on me anytime because of pain. Although I make sure that buy and wear comfortable footwear there are times that I wish I have best arch support inserts. The boyfriend owns few of it and h promised he will buy for me and mother.

Honestly, I haven’t seen arch support but as the boyfriend told me it makes him comfortable when walking. With this I am certain that this is something we should have especially if we are on travel or we are doing our morning exercise.

Done Almost

One more to go and I am done with the undone tasks in my all-time favorite paying site dashboard. After I am done with my tasks, hopefully I could start visiting the participants for this week ComEx. I also want to update all my blogs, I have photos to share that I’ve been planning to share but I always end up being lazy.

On the lighter note, it’s Good Friday. I plan to attend the procession later today like I always do in the previous Good Friday’s. Attending the procession has been my habit for some years now. The only problem is the little one has fever last night and I am afraid I need to stay home with him. But he seems to be okay since this morning so perhaps I can go.

March 23, 2013

Perfect Time For Home Improvement

One of the important things to consider when planning home renovation is the weather. Of course, you don’t want to start renovating your home in a rainy season. Summer is the perfect time to start the renovation you’re planning. I am certain that there will be no hassle such as rain or storm that will make the renovation time-consuming and takes longer to finish than the original plan.

Talking about home improvement, if money is not an issue you may want to consider adding the beauty of your garden and check out the best selection of outdoor fountains online or better yet visit It’s the perfect place to head on when it comes to different types of fountains.

On Lover's Quarrel

According to wiki answers, a lover's quarrel is when two people who love each other argue over a certain subject and later they make up and all is right with the world until their next lover's quarrel.

As I have mentioned on several occasions here, there is no such thing as perfect relationship. Like any other couples I and the boyfriend also have our fair share of lover’s quarrels. In as much as we both don’t want this to happen, it happens from time to time. Just like yesterday, we had an argument, until now we are trying to patch up things. The good thing is that although we know that we are not good to each other we try to come online to talk although it means that we could end up arguing again.

This morning after we talk I got a message in my phone. Here it goes

I love you now, I love you tomorrow, I love you the day after tomorrow and every day after that. I pray to God you always be my girl. I simply love you.

How wish, words are enough to make better but more than anything I more want an action. I am not saying that he failed to show it to me that he loves me; there are times that I words aren’t enough. As the saying goes “Action speak louder than words”.

March 02, 2013

They Failed To Quite Smoking

I thought my brothers will finally stop smoking after the increase of cigarette but I was wrong as they are into smoking until now. I sometimes tell them to start kicking the habit and use the money to spend in other important stuff but to no avail. I guess I shall give up on hoping that they will stop the smoking habit in the near future.

For some people who can’t stop smoking they opt to buy partagas cigars online to save some bucks. I wonder if my brothers will like the taste of this product or if they have tried this brand of cigar.

Ups And Down

Like any other ordinary relationship, my relationship with my long time online boyfriend has its fair share of ups and downs. There are times we almost give up on fighting our relationship but at the end of the day we are back in each other arms, not literally as we are miles away from each other but we knew that we love each other and we will have each other whatever comes our way.

I know, I am can be stubborn and would not listen to reasons. But I am grateful that the boyfriend is always ready to forgive me and understand my short comings. As for me, he will always complain that it takes time before I could forgive and understand him which is true. But he knows my reason why I acting like that and he understand it. See, I am lucky to have him as a boyfriend.

I can’t ask for more than to wake up each morning seeing his face next to mine. I hope that we can make this happen before we both get too old.

February 28, 2013

Good Luck To My Friend's Brother

For music lover or should I say for individuals who loves playing guitar they have wide variety of choices available in the market today if ever they want to get one for themselves. So I will not be surprise if my friend’s brother will have hard time selecting which guitar to buy.

I shall ask my friend about this and will surely mention about the exceptional epiphone hummingbird guitar. I honestly don’t know how to choose a good guitar but this guitar brand has good features that the brother of my friend would love.

I can only  say, good to luck to him, he may find the perfect guitar he is looking for.

February 26, 2013

Few Days Left

I was watching the local TV show a while ago, before the show end they featured what the local DJ’s have been doing on this love month. One had a blast with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day while the other DJ traveled around the Visayas region, while the two DJ’s had been busy working together.

It’s few days before the love month’s end, yet I haven’t had a chance to meet with my friends. We had a plan of meeting up but because of some reasons we simply couldn’t do it this month but hopefully we can have the plan meet up soon.

On the other note, I may not have a chance to celebrate the love month with the boyfriend as we are miles away from each other I am still grateful that we are doing great and we are catching up for lost time pretty well. As of this typing he is finalizing some important stuff for us and hopefully he can finish it next week so we could start with our plan the soonest possible time.

As for now, I shall be patience and be positive as per the boyfriend’s advice. I oath to follow his advice this time around I know I’ve been a stubborn girlfriend to him at times.

February 15, 2013

On Cheap Printing

Nowadays there are different ways on how to market a business, however choosing which approach will work on your business can be daunting. But one thing is for sure you will not go wrong on marketing your business through business cards, brochures, catalogs, flyers and other materials that has your business name or logo.

 You may think it’s expensive but you’re wrong as you can have it in a very reasonable price, perhaps it’s because they are using trade printers to print those materials.

Quick Update

>p>So, how was your Valentine’s Day? Have you celebrate the occasion with the love of your life?

 As for me, it’s just another ordinary day. I was in bed most of the time as I am not feeling well. I am sick for the fast couple of days and the medicine I am taking is not really helping me to kick my coughing. I guess I need to visit my doctor again.

 Anyway, nothing much to say in here. I am just dropping an update as I haven’t been in the mood to blog for like a decade, already.

February 08, 2013

Gift Idea For Love Month

It’s love month, that is the post title of my previous post. A time for lovers to celebrate heart day with a blast. Lucky those you have their partner with them as they can celebrate the occasion with the love of their life. But for me, I cannot celebrate it with my love as we are miles away from each other but I know we can still celebrate the occasion with a blast online.

Anyways, have you find a gift for your partner this coming Valentines Day? If not,then you may want to consider giving your wife or girlfriend a vitabath product. I am woman, and I will surely love getting beauty product from my partner so I am pretty sure your wife or gf will also love it.

February 05, 2013

It's Love Month

Where did the month of January go? Really, time flies so fast. It seems that is just yesterday when we were busy preparing for the holiday season. In few days we will see couples walking hand hands in the mall, street, in the park or having a romantic dinner in the restaurant but in fact we will see sweet couples anywhere. Why not? It’s Valentine’s day in a week.

So are you ready for the heart day? As for me, I will celebrate it the usual way. If I have extra budget I might treat the little one. As for now, he is my partner on this special day. But for those who have their respective dates, I hope you will be responsible enough of your action if you choice to be intimate with your partner.

January 31, 2013

How Intimate You Are To Your Partner

Have you experience asking yourself how many times a normal couple get intimate in a week? I do, I sometimes ask this question.

Anyway, women are naturally shy to air their feeling when it comes to intimate topics. At least that is what I feel, however after reading somewhere that women of today’s generation are more open minded when it comes to intimacy. In fact I am surprised when a study shows that men are most likely to turn down their partner because of tiredness and stress. I do not know if you will agree with me but I myself is having a hard time believing the result of this study. Other than tiredness and stress libido problem can also be a reason why men would choice to avoid being intimate to their partner.

No wonder, more and more men are seeking help or advice on how to deal with their problem. If you are one of those men, I urge you to check out UK Medix. I am pretty sure you will find the best solution to your problem.

Of Being A Slacker

As I have mentioned in my other blogs I am trying my best to update all my blogs. I could not deny the fact that I have been slacking too much in the past couple of weeks. My travel blog is the most neglected. I really wish I will be motivated to work on with my blogs and its traffic.

On the other hand, a direct advertiser contacted me few days ago. I am having a second thought whether to accept his offer or not but then when I think of how much he will pay me for one post I am tempted to accept it. I may sound greedy but I aim to earn more so I guess I will be accepting the offer.

January 23, 2013

I Wish I KNow To Play A Guitar

I have mentioned on several occasion that don’t have a thing on music so as playing any musical instrument but it doesn’t stop me from loving music as I love listening to it. Often times I wish I could play an instrument a guitar perhaps. I always envy whenever I saw someone who can play the guitar pretty good as I find it cool.

Talking about guitar, if you happen to be in a lookout on where to find a good quality guitar for your loved ones I urge you to check out ibanez guitars at musicians friend. I am certainly that whoever gets this kind of guitar would have a good reason to smile from ear to ear.

January 21, 2013

Ready To Settle Down

When I don’t have much to say in here and I feel like updating this blog I usually take an online quiz about love. It’s been a while that I haven’t doing the quiz. Today I feel like doing it again. So here is what I got.

Your Ideal Relationship is Marriage
You've dated enough to know what you want.
And that's marriage - with the right person.
You're serious about settling down some time soon.
Even if you haven't met the person you want to get hitched to!

January 14, 2013

Free Template

I have been blogging since 2007 yet I still have a lot of things to do about blogging more so on how to beautify my blog. Until now, my knowledge in wordpress is not enough to make my own theme. So often times I opt to find simple free website templates online.

As of now, I am using two free templates and I don’t know when I will have enough budget to pay for a personalized. But for now, I shall settle on the template I have now. I like them and they fit into my blogs.

Waiting For The Boyfriend

I don’t have much to say in here but I need to post an update before cobweb starts to dominate this blog. I am thankful that I still continue to received tasks from my all-time favorite site every now and then so I have a good reason to post a blog post here once in a while if not regularly.

Anyway, I am waiting for the boyfriend to come online as of this typing. He should be online now and the only reason I know why he hasn’t called me up is he falls asleep in front of the television. No wonder he do that as he has been running some errands for the past couple of days.

January 07, 2013

Crowd Control

One thing I am not happy about when shopping during holiday season is the long queue. Just l like when I bought some stuff the day before the New Year I almost cannot pass on the cereal section because of the long line to the cashier. Apart from the people in line there cart and basket are blocking on the way.

How I wish the mall management put a plastic stanchion or the like to control the crowd and maintain the line. With this shopper will not have problem in getting the stuff they need.

January 06, 2013

Best Wishes!!!

It’s been quite a while since the last time I attended a church wedding. Last month I and the little one are lucky to have witness a couple exchange I Do’s. The bride is a relative. The couple decided to seal their relationship in front of God, family and friends. I found out that they have been a boyfriend and girlfriend for nine years before they finally tied the knot. That is quite a long journey and luckily they have surpassed all the trials that come their way. With this I am quite sure they will do well as husband and wife.

To the newly wed, Marco and Elyzza may God grant you both a happy married life.