December 08, 2012

Lovers Quarrel

Arguing and misunderstand is part of a relationship. Like any other couples I and my boyfriend have our fair share of lovers quarrel and most of the time the reason of our quarrel has the same reason in previous quarrels. This morning we almost end up being bad to each other as he is kinda jealous of something. But before we stop talking we manage to fix our differences and end up being good to each other.

One reason why I love my boyfriend the most is he can easily understand me and would ask forgiveness although I am the reason of our misunderstanding. He may be not a perfect boyfriend to me and I am not a perfect girlfriend to him what matter is we love each other and that we know that we own each other. And most of all, we both know that time will perfectly come for us to be together. If that time comes I will be the happiest girlfriend on the universe. Hahahaha…

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Maria West said...

yes, that is normal and we need that once in a while. it makes the relationship strong.