December 04, 2012

A Wedding Like No Other

Oh! This blog really need an update. I have been wanting to post an update here but I always forgot, the downside of having multiple sites.

Anyway, you may wonder what I’ve been doing lately. Honestly, I am always online. But I don’t have the energy and I don’t have exciting story to share so I always end up visiting other blogs, facebooking or watching shows online. Just recently a couple in the show business exchange I do’s. My tears will start falling as soon as I start watching their wedding coverage

Photo grab online

Why not, the wedding was a big surprised to the bride. The groom connives with their twins and the big bosses of the f bride. All along the bride thought they were only having a photo shoot for a commercial. She doesn’t have any idea that it will be her big day. If this is not a sweet thing, I wonder what you can call this kind of surprise.

Would you want a surprise wedding too?

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