December 30, 2012

Air Purifier

As I have mentioned in my other blog, my mother was admitted to hospital few days before Christmas and was discharge a day after Christmas. The reason was he had a severe asthma attack and high blood pressure. She is recovering at home and I hope she continue to get better.

Talking about health problem, if you know someone who is suffering from Hepa getting a portable hepa air purifier for the safety of the patient. At Hepalta Purified Air Inc it’s guaranteed that you will get the lowest price on AMair purifiers.

December 27, 2012

Of Being Busy Offline

This blog truly deserve an update. Oh well, I also have other blogs who deserve an update. I have been busy for the past couple of days that updating my blog or coming online is kinda impossible. I usually just come online to check y inbox for important message and talk to my boyfriend. Now, that Simbang Gabi (morning mass) is over and Nanay is discharge from the hospital I hope I will have enough time and energy to do on my work online.

On the other hand, a lot of things happened in the past couple of days. Like I mentioned, one of it is the hospitalization of my Nanay. With some unexpected problem that comes my way my boyfriend never failed to amaze me. He is always there to be of help. I know, there are times that I don’t deserve his love as I can be to bitchy to him but he never leave me or let me worry. To my love, thanks for always there and thanks for the love. You know how much I love you.

December 09, 2012

Candles: Come In A Handy When Power Intruption Occur

A strong typhoon just hit the country few days ago. There are few provinces that are left without electricity and water some families left homeless. It sadden for most of us especially that Christmas is just around the corner. I could only hope that those homeless families will be able to build a house before the holiday season.

Talking about not having an electricity, having a battery operated window candles at home will be a great help when bad weather comes. Oh well, power interruption in a good weather is not new to us as it seldom happened. So when I stumbled upon an online store that offer wide range of battery operated candle I am tempted to buy. Maybe some other time when my budget permits me to do I might get one or two.

December 08, 2012

Lovers Quarrel

Arguing and misunderstand is part of a relationship. Like any other couples I and my boyfriend have our fair share of lovers quarrel and most of the time the reason of our quarrel has the same reason in previous quarrels. This morning we almost end up being bad to each other as he is kinda jealous of something. But before we stop talking we manage to fix our differences and end up being good to each other.

One reason why I love my boyfriend the most is he can easily understand me and would ask forgiveness although I am the reason of our misunderstanding. He may be not a perfect boyfriend to me and I am not a perfect girlfriend to him what matter is we love each other and that we know that we own each other. And most of all, we both know that time will perfectly come for us to be together. If that time comes I will be the happiest girlfriend on the universe. Hahahaha…

December 07, 2012

Enjoying With Friends On The Street

I and the little one were walking on the street when a group of males are singing and laughing. They seem to enjoy what they are doing. But one thing that grasps my attention is the guitar that a one guy n the group is playing. I find is beautiful, I even thought he is using one of the dean guitars I recently found on the net. If he, I am not surprised that he is enjoying playing the instrument while his friends are singing.

 And, since holiday season is just around the corner. Why not consider getting a guitar as a gift to your teenager. I figured music is one the things that teenagers of this generation love.

For The Love Of Blogging

With a lot of great deals on domain names for the past couple of weeks I am again tempted to buy another domain. But because I am not sure I can maintain a niche site at this post of time I opt to move the plan of getting one. I am planning to acquire another niche site next years, perhaps a finance site. My boyfriend owns a business before he retired so I am quite sure he can give me some insight just in case I decided to open a finance niche site.

As for now, I shall concentrate of the sites I am maintaining. And I don’t think I will have much time staying online blogging if ever I and my boyfriend decided to live together. So while we are million miles apart I shall take this opportunity to enjoy blogging.

December 04, 2012

Vain Brother

I don’t know if I have mentioned here and in my other blog about my younger brother. He is vain. In fact he is that I more vain than I am. He can’t go somewhere without putting his lotion, cologne and gel. I could not just figure out how many times he shaves his beard and moustache in a week.

Now, that Christmas is fast approaching I am quite sure he will be happy to receive a blue jeans cologne as a gift. Well, I am in a tight budget so I am sure I can’t give him one this coming Christmas.

A Wedding Like No Other

Oh! This blog really need an update. I have been wanting to post an update here but I always forgot, the downside of having multiple sites.

Anyway, you may wonder what I’ve been doing lately. Honestly, I am always online. But I don’t have the energy and I don’t have exciting story to share so I always end up visiting other blogs, facebooking or watching shows online. Just recently a couple in the show business exchange I do’s. My tears will start falling as soon as I start watching their wedding coverage

Photo grab online

Why not, the wedding was a big surprised to the bride. The groom connives with their twins and the big bosses of the f bride. All along the bride thought they were only having a photo shoot for a commercial. She doesn’t have any idea that it will be her big day. If this is not a sweet thing, I wonder what you can call this kind of surprise.

Would you want a surprise wedding too?