September 25, 2012

Safe Tent For The Little One

In my country scouting month is celebrated every month of October. But for some reasons the school where the little one is enrolled their scouting camping is schedule coming Thursday and Friday. Yesterday the little one started to wear his Boy Scout uniform too bad I missed taking a picture of him. Since yesterday he has been counting the days until Thursday. He even reminds me to prepare the tent he will use during the camping. Good thing he reminds me as I need to wash the net of the tent.

 I am glad that the tent own by my Aunt is a good one. It has a net inside that safeguard the little one from mosquito, snake and other insects that may harm the little one while sleeping in the tent. The tent may not look appealing outside but I assure you its nice and safe inside. I figured the style of the tent is like of the nemo tents I’ve found online. The price of the tent of I am to base on the website is expensive. So I thank my Aunt for giving the tent to the little one.

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