September 27, 2012

PSP- Papa Soon Posible

I am lucky that my boyfriend accepted the little one. He we don’t have problem accepting the little one from the beginning. In fact he told me that he fell in love to us the first time he saw our picture together. It is not a secret that he would try his best to give what the little one wants. The little one knows that he gets to ask what he wants during Christmas, this Christmas I and the boyfriend already knew what to give him. It is something that is a bit expensive. He has been wanting this gadget but for some reason he more want another gadget. I found it out when he told come to me and talk to the boyfriend.

Here is there short conversation.

Son: I want PSP

Boyfriend: Yes, Papa Soon Possible

The boyfriend was laughing when he told this to the little one. He didn’t say yes to the little one as it won't be a surprise anymore if he do. But, I am not sure whether he gets what he wants or he gets what we first plan of giving him.

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NovaS said...

that's to exciting...even i got curious what u guys want to give for your son on Christmas...heheheh