September 24, 2012

Miss My Boyfriend

The boyfriend is on travel for two weeks now. One thing I hate when he is traveling is that we cannot chat regularly. Of course phone calls and sms are constant but since I am use to see him on cam three times a day I not contented of calls and sms. Well, I also have another reason why I hate when he is on trip but I could not announce it here as it is personal and I choice to keep it private.

The only things I like when he is on trip is that I have ample of time to sleep and blog. Not that I more want to sleep and blog but if I am to choice whether to stay awake in the middle of the night and blog less or not to see him for few weeks I would choice to stay awake at nights and blog less. Well, he will be home next week and after we will have a lot of planning to do.

1 comment:

NovaS said...

that really sucks, but that's fine 2 weeks isn't that long, you'll have more time sa imong self din...