September 29, 2012

Recording At It's Best

There are times that I am feeling blue due to some personal reason and hormonal imbalances. One of the things that I usually do when I am not in best spirit is sleep, going out and listening to music. But since I could not go out whenever I want to go sleeping and listening to music is always a good choice. I know I am not alone who do this things especially listening to music.

We should be thankful to the music industry as they are trying their best to give their listeners a good quality of songs. I often wonder if recording companies uses h4n musicians friend to achieve a good recording performance.

September 27, 2012

PSP- Papa Soon Posible

I am lucky that my boyfriend accepted the little one. He we don’t have problem accepting the little one from the beginning. In fact he told me that he fell in love to us the first time he saw our picture together. It is not a secret that he would try his best to give what the little one wants. The little one knows that he gets to ask what he wants during Christmas, this Christmas I and the boyfriend already knew what to give him. It is something that is a bit expensive. He has been wanting this gadget but for some reason he more want another gadget. I found it out when he told come to me and talk to the boyfriend.

Here is there short conversation.

Son: I want PSP

Boyfriend: Yes, Papa Soon Possible

The boyfriend was laughing when he told this to the little one. He didn’t say yes to the little one as it won't be a surprise anymore if he do. But, I am not sure whether he gets what he wants or he gets what we first plan of giving him.

September 25, 2012

Safe Tent For The Little One

In my country scouting month is celebrated every month of October. But for some reasons the school where the little one is enrolled their scouting camping is schedule coming Thursday and Friday. Yesterday the little one started to wear his Boy Scout uniform too bad I missed taking a picture of him. Since yesterday he has been counting the days until Thursday. He even reminds me to prepare the tent he will use during the camping. Good thing he reminds me as I need to wash the net of the tent.

 I am glad that the tent own by my Aunt is a good one. It has a net inside that safeguard the little one from mosquito, snake and other insects that may harm the little one while sleeping in the tent. The tent may not look appealing outside but I assure you its nice and safe inside. I figured the style of the tent is like of the nemo tents I’ve found online. The price of the tent of I am to base on the website is expensive. So I thank my Aunt for giving the tent to the little one.

September 24, 2012

Miss My Boyfriend

The boyfriend is on travel for two weeks now. One thing I hate when he is traveling is that we cannot chat regularly. Of course phone calls and sms are constant but since I am use to see him on cam three times a day I not contented of calls and sms. Well, I also have another reason why I hate when he is on trip but I could not announce it here as it is personal and I choice to keep it private.

The only things I like when he is on trip is that I have ample of time to sleep and blog. Not that I more want to sleep and blog but if I am to choice whether to stay awake in the middle of the night and blog less or not to see him for few weeks I would choice to stay awake at nights and blog less. Well, he will be home next week and after we will have a lot of planning to do.

September 15, 2012

Clamping Levers

This day searching for any types of tools is easy. With the advent of internet technology all you need to have it a working computer and internet connection, you can start searching anything you need from the comfort of your home. Same goes when you are looking for manual clamping systems. You can find wide selection of clamping levers at Reid Supply Company.

With their wide selection of clamping levers you will surely find one that you are looking for in a very reasonable price

Busy And Not Feeling Well

The blogger behind this blog is uber busy running offline errands. I do not have much time to blog as I am usually tired when I get home.

Last night, I had bad asthma attack when I get home that I only take my medicine and hit the sack. Good thing I am better not. I should be better as I have a lot of things to do in line. I need to be at the mall today to settle my brother-in-law’s Philhealth remittance.

Since I will be going to the mall, I am tagging along the little one as I need to buy him a shoe. I should have buy it few days ago but because he have classes and I am also busy assisting my younger sister.

September 09, 2012

On Christmas Decor

I have been talking about the holiday season in my other blogs. Now, I will be talking about it here. It is not a secret the holiday season is my favorite time of the year. Aside from shopping for my nieces and nephews as gift from my boyfriend listening to Christmas songs is another thing that I look forward on Christmas time. Of course, seeing Christmas décors anywhere makes me feel good and excited.

I don’t have any plan of buying Christmas décor this year as I bought some last year. But if my budget allow me to do so, I’d like to have any of the Byers Choice carolers that I found online. As I continue to browse the site I found a lot of items that is worth having. How I wish I am rich so I start collecting decors for have my own Christmas village.

September 03, 2012

Taking Advantage

I just got a call from my boyfriend to let me know that he can not make it online at six o'clock as he still at he bank. But I will see him in hour or so instead.

So while waiting for the boyfriend to come online I might as well take this opportunity to blog. This blog has been dormant for almost three weeks. My bad as I don’t have anything to share in here. Another reason is that I don’t have any tasks assign for this blog. It’s been a while since my last blog for this blog. Now I am blaming the advertiser for not choosing this blog. What a lame excuse.

 I do hope I be posting some updates here in the next coming days..