August 02, 2012

Why Women Cheat

I am a fan of twilight saga, I watched all the movies and I look forward for the last saga. I find Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (kristen Stewart) a perfect couple but for some reason Kristen betrayed Robert when she had an appear with the director of the Snowhite and Huntsman movie, Rupert Sanders. I have read somewhere that Kristin also betrayed his former boyfriend before she and Robert become a couple. I don’t want to judge Kristen but I know she has her reason why she always ends up breaking her boyfriend’s heart.

Out of curiosity I search why women do cheat. I found this answer on yahoo.

1. Whatever you can do, we can do it better.

2. When she doesn't come first in your life.

3. If the relationship gets abusive.

4. When things start to go sour.

5. Sometimes it is about the sex.

6. They won't leave something for nothing.

7. When he has too much baggage.

8. They aren't getting what they want out of the relationship.

9. They are bored in the relationship.

10. The relationship isn't THAT serious.

Should you want to know the reason beyond those reasons? Click here.

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