August 09, 2012

On Caring Our Nails

So, who doesn’t want to be beautiful? I am pretty sure we all want to be beautiful and stand out among others. Imagine yourself walking in the mall and suddenly you noticed that everybody is all eyes to you and you saw appreciation in their eyes. There is no doubt that you will feel good and satisfied. As all know there are lots of things to do for us to stand out among others. Other may choice to undergo medical procedure, use expensive beauty products or have their hair fixed in a high end salon. But, do you know that by simply using nail polish in your nails can also add beauty? Yes, you read it right guys. Nail polish can add beauty but only if it applied correctly.

Anyway, I do have a little knowledge in doing my nails. I was lucky as I was in cosmetology class in one of my subject way back in high school. But for some reason I am lazy to do my own nails. Now that my cousin who usually does my nails is working in another place I don’t have any choice but to visit a salon when I am lazy to do it myself. There are times that I’ll visit my favorite salon once a week but because it hurt my budget sometimes I just make it twice a month.

As my boyfriend said I like to experiment on what color of nail polish I am gonna applied in my nails. Honestly, there times that he doesn’t like the shade I am wearing and, well, he would ask me to change it immediately. I wonder what would be his reaction if I tried using fake nails like my cousin. Not that I usually bite my nails but I want to know the feeling how it is to wear fake nails, that is why I am excited to read about how do you make fake nails. Not that I will try to me as I know my boyfriend will scold me but I want to share what I’ve learned to my cousin who is working in a salon.

Talking about my cousin, although he is working in a salon he don’t have proper education. He got his knowledge through experience. I even wonder if he knows what are gel nails and what are solar nails. Well, just in case he needs to know about the above mentioned I can be of help to my cousin as I found this website for nail care.

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kim said...

not much on nail fashion, but maybe i would do it for fun, lol!