August 12, 2012

Sweet Gesture

I usually not talk about my boyfriend in any of my blogs. However there are times that I am in the mood to share my thoughts and feeling toward the boyfriend. He may not be the sweetest boyfriend in the world but he sure can melt my heart effortless. Just like last night, I was outside with a friend and my cousin. He knows it as I asked permission few days ago. We usually spend our time talking online three times a day. So phone calls are not our cup of tea as we want to see each other while talking. Even if we are not in good terms we still want to see each other on cam.

Last night, I didn’t expect him to call early as he usually calls me between 10 to 12 midnight. But last night he called up twice, first call was pass eight in the evening and the second call was past two in morning. But before the second call I found out that he called up in our home phone and I know his reason, he wants to check if I am home already. Calling me twice and checking what I am doing is one of his sweet gestures as we usually talk our schedule and plan for the day before we end up our chat in the morning. And, well, I am not use to receive a call from him twice a day so you will understand why I find it sweet. The boyfriend might not know it but he just made me happy and melts my heart with his calls last night.

To my love, I just want you to know that despite of my short comings you know how much I love you. I know you not like it whenever I say thank you for everything that you’ve done to me, to the king, and to my family but you know I will forever be thankful and grateful to you. FYI, the boyfriend call the little one as KING- his reasons, he always get what he wants.

August 09, 2012

On Caring Our Nails

So, who doesn’t want to be beautiful? I am pretty sure we all want to be beautiful and stand out among others. Imagine yourself walking in the mall and suddenly you noticed that everybody is all eyes to you and you saw appreciation in their eyes. There is no doubt that you will feel good and satisfied. As all know there are lots of things to do for us to stand out among others. Other may choice to undergo medical procedure, use expensive beauty products or have their hair fixed in a high end salon. But, do you know that by simply using nail polish in your nails can also add beauty? Yes, you read it right guys. Nail polish can add beauty but only if it applied correctly.

Anyway, I do have a little knowledge in doing my nails. I was lucky as I was in cosmetology class in one of my subject way back in high school. But for some reason I am lazy to do my own nails. Now that my cousin who usually does my nails is working in another place I don’t have any choice but to visit a salon when I am lazy to do it myself. There are times that I’ll visit my favorite salon once a week but because it hurt my budget sometimes I just make it twice a month.

As my boyfriend said I like to experiment on what color of nail polish I am gonna applied in my nails. Honestly, there times that he doesn’t like the shade I am wearing and, well, he would ask me to change it immediately. I wonder what would be his reaction if I tried using fake nails like my cousin. Not that I usually bite my nails but I want to know the feeling how it is to wear fake nails, that is why I am excited to read about how do you make fake nails. Not that I will try to me as I know my boyfriend will scold me but I want to share what I’ve learned to my cousin who is working in a salon.

Talking about my cousin, although he is working in a salon he don’t have proper education. He got his knowledge through experience. I even wonder if he knows what are gel nails and what are solar nails. Well, just in case he needs to know about the above mentioned I can be of help to my cousin as I found this website for nail care.

Lazy Blogger

Yay, I am slacking in all my blogs. I haven’t been posting an update in any of my blogs for the past couple of days. Not that I am away from my notebook as I am online most of the time I am just procrastinating a lot. With this, I am cramming to finish the tasks I have in my SR dashboard for quite sometimes. I already got an e-mail this morning reminding me of the tasks.

But before I’ll do the task I shall run few mommy errands.

August 05, 2012

Drum Cleaner

I know someone who is a member of a band. I don’t know if they are in the country as of this typing. The last time I heard about them is they are working aboard. I am pretty sure there is no dull and lonely moments while they are working aboard as the band compose of two sibling and close friends. They can mingle together when there no gig to attend.

Anyway, at one point while I watched them performing on stage few years ago I asked myself how they manage to make their drums, guitar and other instruments looks new. But now I know what they use in cleaning their drums, it’s paiste cymbals cleanser.

So if you’re a band member or own drums perhaps you can also try using the cleanser and see the result.

It Is The Internet Or The Facebook Site

What a bummer. My internet connection is crawling like a turtle today or it is just the facebook site that is slow as the other seems to load normally. I have been trying to access the new feeds but it just keeps on loading. It’s making me annoyed, really.

Anyway, how is your weekend doing so far? As for me, I am having a fruitful weekend. I am almost done with my online task from my all-time favorite site. Another few tasks from SR, it’s been a while since I stopped bidding. I am glad I was in the mood one day and bid as many as I can. Some of them purchased a review in my other blogs.

August 04, 2012

Lazy Weekend

So, how is your weekend doing so far? As for me, I am dealing with colds since yesterday. I could only hope and pray that I will not end having asthma attack. I have noticed that whenever allergy stays for a day or so I will surely have asthma. The last attack happened last week of June and ended first week of July. I didn’t do much today unlike yesterday. I was productive yesterday, I manage to clean my room and finish few tasks.

Anyway, I don’t have much to say in here. Just posting nonsense update, happy blogging and have a nice weekend.

August 03, 2012

Protect Your Identity From Electronic Theft

I got an offline message from a friend asking my mobile number and home number for a reason that she lost her phone. She said someone pick pocket her phone that were place in her bag while riding a public utility vehicle.

Anyway, at present that almost everything can be done quick and easy, thefts are not just doing the traditional way of robbing as rubber these days don’t just rob belonging but also rob someone’s identity. Who would have thought that time will come when getting someone personal information will come in a handy.

I am talking about digital identity theft. Don’t you know that you can be in a big trouble without knowing it? Identity thieves developed a high-tech way of digging out personal data from credit cards, passport and other personal identification. Isn’t it scary? Good thing rfid blocking is not available at Identity Stronghold. So what are you waiting for? Protect yourself from electronic pick pocketing.

Nice Weather

Yay, I want to blog but my mind is wandering around. I have another set of online tasks from my all-time favorite site. I want them to be included in the next cut-off. Fiesta is fast approaching and, well, I might need extra money for the preparation.

On the other note, the weather is nice. Mr Sunshine is up and shining but because it is windy it’s not that hot. It’s so nice to go to the park and enjoy the weather. But then, I have so many things that need to be done and it’s not weekend yet so I have to look on the little one’s need. Oh well, it’s Friday. I’ll see what I can do coming weekend. I am not still in my best mood so I might as well take the chance to unwind and relax.

August 02, 2012

Time Flies

Really, time flies so fast and before we know it the hustle and bustle cause by the holiday season is on our way. I know, I may sound very excited since the month of August has just started but common guys it’s not a secret that holiday season is my favorite time of the year. Aside from shopping another reason why I love this time of the year is the cool weather.

In a tropical country where I came from wall fireplaces is not commonly use so I don’t have any idea what the feeling is. Oh well, I know it helps warm the temperature but other than that no more. I have this thought of having a photo of my son sitting down near a fireplace decorated with Christmas d├ęcor. I just know it will be treasure if ever.

Why Women Cheat

I am a fan of twilight saga, I watched all the movies and I look forward for the last saga. I find Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (kristen Stewart) a perfect couple but for some reason Kristen betrayed Robert when she had an appear with the director of the Snowhite and Huntsman movie, Rupert Sanders. I have read somewhere that Kristin also betrayed his former boyfriend before she and Robert become a couple. I don’t want to judge Kristen but I know she has her reason why she always ends up breaking her boyfriend’s heart.

Out of curiosity I search why women do cheat. I found this answer on yahoo.

1. Whatever you can do, we can do it better.

2. When she doesn't come first in your life.

3. If the relationship gets abusive.

4. When things start to go sour.

5. Sometimes it is about the sex.

6. They won't leave something for nothing.

7. When he has too much baggage.

8. They aren't getting what they want out of the relationship.

9. They are bored in the relationship.

10. The relationship isn't THAT serious.

Should you want to know the reason beyond those reasons? Click here.