July 28, 2012

On Internet Technology

I don’t know if you’ve visited my other blog but if you do, you will notice that I’ve been blogging about the comfort of internet technology bestowed to us. I actually cannot imagine life without internet. As we all know internet is commonly used by everybody, youngsters and old ones. In fact internet is always the first to place to visit, from shopping to paying bills, from buying a simple vga to hdmi cables. Name it and you can find it online.

July 23, 2012

Now PR1

So the mighty Google noticed this neglected blog of mine. This blog is now PR1. I was surprised for this blog is often neglected and honestly I haven’t been working with its traffic for a long time now that I don’t even remember the last time I visited the links listed in the side bar.

I am glad that although this blog is not updated in a regular basis I can still get assign tasks from my all-time favorite paying site.

So did you check your pagerank lately? If not, then go and check it

July 08, 2012

IT Business Insurance

Do you own a computer business related company? Or are you planning to put up you’re your own computer shop business? If so, then perhaps you would like to check out Tech Insurance at You can find helpful information about what kind of insurance you need to get or get business liability insurance quote.

With Tech Insurance I am quite sure that you will get the best service as they are American’s leading online provider of business and professional insurance in the IT industry.

I'm Popular

I love my nail painted with my favorite nail polish. Sometimes I painted it my boyfriend’s favorite nail polish color which is red. Oh well, red nail polish is also my favorite color but there are times that I want to try other colors and often than not the boyfriend doesn’t like it.

You Are Popular

You're the type of person who's always been happy with who you are. You feel both intensely alive and totally at peace.
You are a study in contradictions. At times you're stubborn, but you're also willing to roll with the punches.

People gravitate toward you. You are bold and self-assured, but you are also totally unpretentious.
You are a joy and blessing to be around. People love you for being you!

He Lost His Sunglass

Last year the little one lost his sunglasses. I was disappointed when I found it as I the sunglass is not cheap and he only used it for two months. Since then, I opt not to buy him another one. But when we are traveling and he will complain that his eyes caught something I think of buying him another sunglass.

Talking about sunglasses, I happened to stumbled upon this site that offer rayban aviator 3025. I m pretty sure this kind of sunglass is popular. My brother who loves sunglasses would surely love this. Rayban is an expensive brand but if you will do a little research you can find discounted Rayban sunglasses online.

Sweet Message

Nothing beats the excitement of receiving sweet messages from your partner. Right? The boyfriend is currently enjoying the good weather with his family in the summer cottage. He left at home Friday morning since then I not see him on cam. He calls every night and will send messages on my phone anytime of the day.

Last night, I received a sweet message from him. The little one saw me smiling. He asked me to if he can read the message. I guess he wants to know the reason why I am smiling when I was just reading a message. Anyway, here is an excerpt in his message.

“We keep on loving each other forever. I love and miss you so much” Isn’t it sweet?

July 07, 2012

Supra Shoe For The Little Mister

The little one needs another extra shoe. Oh well, I was about to buy him one two weeks ago but because my budget for the spike shoe was not enough I decided to move the plan of buying his extra shoe. I am not yet sure when the boyfriend would give another budget for the shoe but while he is on vacation I could not stop myself from browsing the kids supra shoes I found online. I am not sure if the little one would like to have supra shoe but I know the nephew would love it.

Miss Him

As of this typing, I am thinking what the boyfriend is doing with his grandchildren in the summer cottage. I haven’t seen him on come today and would be seeing him in the next coming days. Hay, I really miss him so much. I could not image that I will miss him this much. I guess it’s because we have been arguing lately. Hearing his voice is not enough although it makes me feel better.

Passion In Carpentry

At an early age, the little one is starting to show his passion in carpentry. He asked me to buy him the tools used by carpenter many times. He just stops asking me when I told him he can’t have it now as he is too young to own those tools. I wonder where he gets this passion.

If ever, he still have this passion when he gets old he knows he can have them. By then, I can tell him to buy jet tools parts just in case he needs one.

July 06, 2012

Quick Update

As of this typing the boyfriend is I guess preparing for his things in going to summer cottage with his family. He will be away from home for few days and it could only mean one thing I wont be seeing hime while he is in the summer cottage. Haist, I surely miss him. Oh well, I am starting to miss him in fact.

I haven’t metioned here that I am in public internet cafĂ©. My notebook crashed few days ago and is curently in the repair shop. I really hope I can have it back tomorrow so I can do my online errands at home.