June 21, 2012

Hook In Shopping Online

I am into online shopping these days. I have an online friend who is in the US. She mentioned about her online store that being supervised by her sister. After she send me the link of their online store Facebook account I hurriedly check their item.

Shopping is what I like to do but because I am not rich and I don't have a lot of money to spend I seldom shop. Although I don't shop in a weekly basis I still consider myself lucky as I can still buy the stuff I want for myself and for the little one. I also pamper my family once in a while :). But anyway, like I said a while ago I am hooked shopping online. I have few items reserved for me and the little one. When I mentioned about it to my boyfriend he tease me and said I shop like I print my own money and he laughed.

Talking about online shopping. I recently came across this website that offer wide selection of icon jackets, motorcycle helmets, gear and other competition accessories. You can avail of their free shipping for orders worth more than a hundred dollars.

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kimmy said...

i think a lot of us are really HOOKED on shopping online, lol!