June 21, 2012

Hook In Shopping Online

I am into online shopping these days. I have an online friend who is in the US. She mentioned about her online store that being supervised by her sister. After she send me the link of their online store Facebook account I hurriedly check their item.

Shopping is what I like to do but because I am not rich and I don't have a lot of money to spend I seldom shop. Although I don't shop in a weekly basis I still consider myself lucky as I can still buy the stuff I want for myself and for the little one. I also pamper my family once in a while :). But anyway, like I said a while ago I am hooked shopping online. I have few items reserved for me and the little one. When I mentioned about it to my boyfriend he tease me and said I shop like I print my own money and he laughed.

Talking about online shopping. I recently came across this website that offer wide selection of icon jackets, motorcycle helmets, gear and other competition accessories. You can avail of their free shipping for orders worth more than a hundred dollars.

June 12, 2012

Physician Networking

With the advancement of technology searching for individual information is easy. Just recently, I came across this social network for physicians. I know, for professional users their safety is always their concern. That is why comes up with a strict verification when making an account with them.

With this, I am not surprise why physicians choice to use this networking to interact with other physicians like Tyrone Tucker, MD who are ready to communicate and exchange idea in health field. As of this moment the site had 700,000 physicians profile, with education, trainings, certification and other information with regard to their profession you sure can find what you are looking for.

Should you know more information? You can visit the site now!

Another Call

I have mentioned last night that I received a call from my boyfriend last night though I cannot hear him good because of signal. Good thing he called again after few hours. We had a good talk then.

On the other note, Mr Sunshine is shining brightly today. Summer time is coming to an end as rainy season is on their way as of this typing. I am planning to have our laundry today so I hope the sun will be up today and tomorrow.

Oh! I should not be blabbing now as I have tasks to finish in a hour. And, well, I am not yet done covering the books of the little one. I need to finish it today.

June 11, 2012

A Call

What a bummer. I got a call from the boyfriend few minutes ago but I could not hear him good. I guess it high time I buy another sim card (globe) for my other phone so we will have an option just in case the Smart Network want to be bad to us. There are times that calling to my mobile is impossible. Why I say so? I sometimes lost signal at nights. Often times that boyfriend cannot contact me.

Anyway, he will be home in few days. By then we can talk online three times a day.

June 10, 2012

On Travel

For few days I haven’t talking to my boyfriend online as he is on travel. He needs to sign some important papers regarding his insurance that he will start receiving late next year. We had a small misunderstanding when he left but like our previous misunderstanding we will certainly find a good solution.

On the other hand, as you’ve noticed I seldom update this blog. Often than not, I’ll post an update whenever I have a task assign here. I know I have unreasonable reasons for not posting any update here so I should put more effort for this blog.