April 24, 2012

Gift Ideas For Mother In Laws

They say mother in laws are hard to please. Is this true? I am mother but I a single mother so it is self-explanatory why I ask because I haven’t experience dealing to MIL. Anyway whatever kind of MIL you got she surely deserve a special gift coming Mother’s Day, whether she is a villain or a supportive mother in law you can surely make her heart melt if you give her a gift on that very special day.

Since you aim to please your MIL finding a perfect gift can be daunting, so gift ideas for a mother in law online can be helpful or better yet visit With their wide variety of gift ideas one can surely find something that is interesting and affordable.

April 22, 2012

I Wish I Can Sing

I could not sing so whenever I heard or see someone who sings well or play a music instrument I could not help myself but wished I can also sing or perhaps play a Jasmine by Takamine Bass instrument. My other siblings can sing and play a guitar but I wonder why I can’t. I guess it is because I am afraid to try.
When we have a family get together at home, my family would ask me to try singing but I always say NO. I wonder if I can sing one day just for the sake of fun.

April 16, 2012

Considering On Getting Own Domain

I have mentioned before that I am considering on getting this blog its own domain name for a simple reason that I don’t have a lot of story to share about love. I choose not to publish everything that concern about my relationship to my boyfriend of five years. So updating this blog in regular basis is not easy and don’t be surprised if you will find some of my post not relevant to the blog title.

Anyway, hopefully I have exciting story to share soon.

April 15, 2012

Read Reviews Online

There are hundreds of diet pills available in the market today that promise to be safe and effective. Lots of advertisements about diet pills online but have you stumble upon a website that talk about the side effect of the pill you want to try. Most of the time we just after the good effect that the pill can give us and the bad effect are mostly taken for granted which for me is not good.

So if you are taking Decaslim as your means of losing weight I would advise you to read Decaslim reviews, with this you will know the good and bad effect of the said pill.

April 14, 2012

Saturday Update

I always failed to update this blog. I couldn’t believe that my last update was last month. All along I was wrong as I thought I post an update last week. Anyway, I don’t have much to say in here and no exciting story to share as well. I do hope I will have the energy to update this blog in a regular basis.

On the other hand, the boyfriend celebrated his birthday few days ago. The simple and perhaps a blissful dinner with his daughter turned bad when he had breathing problem so he decided to visit heart clinic. Gladly he is getting better now and his heart beat is getting normal. I do hope next year we will celebrate our birthdays together.