January 27, 2012

Standout In You Wedding Day

In wedding it is actually the bride’s gown that got the glimpse from the visitors and observers. But of course the bride itself is a great sight to look at and wearing a fabulous wedding gown is just a plus. Mostly the groom is less noticeable, maybe because they are not wearing the most expensive tuxedo in the world. Or it is simple because a wedding day is the bride’s big day.

As for me, the groom should also get attention like the bride. But for a guy to achieve it he should wear something that will make him standout like his bride. Perhaps a fabulous cuff links in his suit will do. As for a wide selection of cuff links you can head on the link I have shared earlier of this blog post.

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kimmy said...

now that reminds me of my own wedding day, hehe..