January 17, 2012

I Missed My Boyfriend

I missed my boyfriend. As I mentioned in my other blog I don’t have internet access for two days. That also means that I haven’t seen my love on cam for two days. I although hear his voice but hearing his voice doesn’t enough to ease my longing for him. He has been uber busy lately that we couldn’t chat in a regular basis. Good thing I get to see him yesterday on cam before his laptop go crazy, again. I got a call from him last night that his laptop is acting up again so he needs to bring it to repair shop.

With this we didn’t talked in time of our chat. Hopefully, his laptop will be fix later today so we can chat always. He promised me last week that he won’t busy this week.
On the other hand, like usual I can only update this blog whenever I have a task assigned here. My effort in making this blog updated is not really working. I shall try harder. I will be updating my blog roll here since I am done with my other site. Hopefully I can do it real soon.

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