December 30, 2012

Air Purifier

As I have mentioned in my other blog, my mother was admitted to hospital few days before Christmas and was discharge a day after Christmas. The reason was he had a severe asthma attack and high blood pressure. She is recovering at home and I hope she continue to get better.

Talking about health problem, if you know someone who is suffering from Hepa getting a portable hepa air purifier for the safety of the patient. At Hepalta Purified Air Inc it’s guaranteed that you will get the lowest price on AMair purifiers.

December 27, 2012

Of Being Busy Offline

This blog truly deserve an update. Oh well, I also have other blogs who deserve an update. I have been busy for the past couple of days that updating my blog or coming online is kinda impossible. I usually just come online to check y inbox for important message and talk to my boyfriend. Now, that Simbang Gabi (morning mass) is over and Nanay is discharge from the hospital I hope I will have enough time and energy to do on my work online.

On the other hand, a lot of things happened in the past couple of days. Like I mentioned, one of it is the hospitalization of my Nanay. With some unexpected problem that comes my way my boyfriend never failed to amaze me. He is always there to be of help. I know, there are times that I don’t deserve his love as I can be to bitchy to him but he never leave me or let me worry. To my love, thanks for always there and thanks for the love. You know how much I love you.

December 09, 2012

Candles: Come In A Handy When Power Intruption Occur

A strong typhoon just hit the country few days ago. There are few provinces that are left without electricity and water some families left homeless. It sadden for most of us especially that Christmas is just around the corner. I could only hope that those homeless families will be able to build a house before the holiday season.

Talking about not having an electricity, having a battery operated window candles at home will be a great help when bad weather comes. Oh well, power interruption in a good weather is not new to us as it seldom happened. So when I stumbled upon an online store that offer wide range of battery operated candle I am tempted to buy. Maybe some other time when my budget permits me to do I might get one or two.

December 08, 2012

Lovers Quarrel

Arguing and misunderstand is part of a relationship. Like any other couples I and my boyfriend have our fair share of lovers quarrel and most of the time the reason of our quarrel has the same reason in previous quarrels. This morning we almost end up being bad to each other as he is kinda jealous of something. But before we stop talking we manage to fix our differences and end up being good to each other.

One reason why I love my boyfriend the most is he can easily understand me and would ask forgiveness although I am the reason of our misunderstanding. He may be not a perfect boyfriend to me and I am not a perfect girlfriend to him what matter is we love each other and that we know that we own each other. And most of all, we both know that time will perfectly come for us to be together. If that time comes I will be the happiest girlfriend on the universe. Hahahaha…

December 07, 2012

Enjoying With Friends On The Street

I and the little one were walking on the street when a group of males are singing and laughing. They seem to enjoy what they are doing. But one thing that grasps my attention is the guitar that a one guy n the group is playing. I find is beautiful, I even thought he is using one of the dean guitars I recently found on the net. If he, I am not surprised that he is enjoying playing the instrument while his friends are singing.

 And, since holiday season is just around the corner. Why not consider getting a guitar as a gift to your teenager. I figured music is one the things that teenagers of this generation love.

For The Love Of Blogging

With a lot of great deals on domain names for the past couple of weeks I am again tempted to buy another domain. But because I am not sure I can maintain a niche site at this post of time I opt to move the plan of getting one. I am planning to acquire another niche site next years, perhaps a finance site. My boyfriend owns a business before he retired so I am quite sure he can give me some insight just in case I decided to open a finance niche site.

As for now, I shall concentrate of the sites I am maintaining. And I don’t think I will have much time staying online blogging if ever I and my boyfriend decided to live together. So while we are million miles apart I shall take this opportunity to enjoy blogging.

December 04, 2012

Vain Brother

I don’t know if I have mentioned here and in my other blog about my younger brother. He is vain. In fact he is that I more vain than I am. He can’t go somewhere without putting his lotion, cologne and gel. I could not just figure out how many times he shaves his beard and moustache in a week.

Now, that Christmas is fast approaching I am quite sure he will be happy to receive a blue jeans cologne as a gift. Well, I am in a tight budget so I am sure I can’t give him one this coming Christmas.

A Wedding Like No Other

Oh! This blog really need an update. I have been wanting to post an update here but I always forgot, the downside of having multiple sites.

Anyway, you may wonder what I’ve been doing lately. Honestly, I am always online. But I don’t have the energy and I don’t have exciting story to share so I always end up visiting other blogs, facebooking or watching shows online. Just recently a couple in the show business exchange I do’s. My tears will start falling as soon as I start watching their wedding coverage

Photo grab online

Why not, the wedding was a big surprised to the bride. The groom connives with their twins and the big bosses of the f bride. All along the bride thought they were only having a photo shoot for a commercial. She doesn’t have any idea that it will be her big day. If this is not a sweet thing, I wonder what you can call this kind of surprise.

Would you want a surprise wedding too?

November 21, 2012

On Yoga Mats

Truly you can find almost everything online.

If you’re into yoga and in a look out of thick yoga mats then don’t look any farther as you can actually find what you’re looking for from tips of your fingers. All you’ve to do is visit the link I have provided and you will be surprise to find wide array of yoga mats in a very affordable price.

Yogadirect offers the lowest price guaranteed you can find on the net. With hundreds of yoga store online I am pretty sure you can compared the price and quality.

November 19, 2012

Love Quote

I have been looking at the screen for quite sometimes thinking of what I am going to share in here but I couldn’t think of any so I opt to browse randomly when I came across this love quote.

Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible - it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could. -Barbara de Angelis

The quote says a lot of things. If you’re truly in love materials things are put aside all you want is to be with the person you love. I know how it’s feeling so I can relate to the quote. Materials things don’t matter as I want my man in my side and grow old with him.

November 18, 2012

Bye Bye To Migraine

Aside from allergy and asthma migraine sometimes visits me. If I am stress the migraine is just around the corner waiting for a perfect timing to attack. I am glad that although I have been dealing with personal issues and problem I didn’t have any migraine attack considering that my monthly visitors also visited my few days ago.

With the advancement of technology nowadays finding help and possible remedies of migraine can already be found online. Just like for example if you’re in need of migraine dallas to help you new solution to get rid of the pain because of migraine, fret no more as you can find the best migraine specialist in your location.

All you have to do is click the above link and search your location.

November 15, 2012

Couple's Choice..

..what's with my blog post title? Nothing really...

I don’t have any exciting stories to share in here but I am happy and thankful that I still manage to update this blog although not in regular basis. I won’t promise anything in terms of updating this blog. As I have mentioned before I have decided not to share much about my long distance relationship to my boyfriend of 5 years. Well, we will be turning 6 years in less than two months and I am praying that we can survive all the hurdles that come our way.

I know for a fact that maintaining a long distance relationship isn’t easy. It takes a lot of patience, trust and understanding in both sides. There are actually a lot of keys to have a smooth sailing and almost perfect relationship. It may be difficult for other couples but at the end of the day it is up to the couple how they want to make their relationship a long lasting one.

 I am right? Correct me if I am wrong.

November 04, 2012

Gift For Musically Inclined Person

Holiday season is just around the corner, there is no doubt about it. Are you a gift giver or a receiver? As for me I am more of a gift giver than a receiver. Now that I am grown up I am not expecting to receive something from my family. The only gift I receive on holiday season is from the boyfriend. Often he will just give me a cash to spend and buy want to buy.

I am practical gift giver, so I usually think of what to gift to give to a certain person. I want my gift to be of help that person. Like for example, if a person is into music then I will certainly choice fender at musicians friend. I am sure the person will smile from ear to ear.

November 03, 2012


Geezz! I am getting sleepy in here waiting for my boyfriend. I got a call from my boyfriend that he will be late as he is outside. Instead of doing unproductive I opt to do my thing online. I have few tasks to work on from my all-time favorite site. I really hope online blessing will continue to pour on my part.

On the other note, I have started putting up our Christmas décor, the Christmas tree is almost done. I am not actually in the mood to start the decoration but the little one is too persistent that he didn’t stop bugging me to start the decoration. Oh well, I couldn’t blame him because he is just like his mama that is always excited for the holiday season.

October 29, 2012

Save On Shopping

Shopping with discount is a good chance to save. Mostly discounted products and items can be found online.

If you’re a rider who to pimp your ride or buy accessories and apparel I know a place where you can find wide selection of what you are looking for. All you need to do is head on to and you’re one step ahead getting your stuffs without making a hole in your pocket.

Their free shipping on orders over $100 is a good offer if you have a tight budget or you simply want to save.

October 26, 2012


Haist, I still have a lot of things to do. I am not yet done visiting the ComEx entry for this week. I shall finish it soon or else my link will not be included on the next week ComEx participants. I need to stop hopping as my I need to talk to my (poor) boyfriend :). In two hours he will be back online so I shall finished the hopping before in two hours.

My boyfriend may not be rich but he is surely at my side when things get rough. He is always there to listen in all my complain and would give advice that I sometimes laugh with. Anyway, I don’t have anything to brag about my boyfriend. I shall finish hopping now. Well blog later..

Speed Up Your Computer

Having a slow internet connection is irritating same goes if your computer is loading like a turtle. For a blogger like me a fast internet connection and computer will help me finish what I need on time.

I’ve experienced having a slow computer and the first thing that cross my mind is bring my computer/netbook to repair shop. I know there are some remedies to speed up my computer but I could not do it myself. One of the remedy that my friend has been talking about is speed up computer with System Mechanic. I will surely check this next time I have problem with the speed of my netbook. As of now, I don’t have any complain when it comes to my netbook performance.

October 25, 2012

A Quick Update

So I have a chance to post an update here. The reason- I have a task assign for this bloggie. I pity this blog as I could not post an update in a regular basis. No matter how I try I always failed. Oh well, since I decided not to share much about my relationship to my long time boyfriend I could not update this blog regularly. I even think of deleting this blog but for some reason I could not just do it. Anyways, who knows, one day I will share the ups and downs of my relationship to my boyfriend one day. I am sure my follower would love that. Well, I figure I don’t need to share it here because they are too advantage to wait for my blog post.

October 06, 2012

On Batteries...

Before the era of digital camera we used to buy batteries and film whenever we need to take photos. I don’ know if find it expensive buying batteries and films every time you need a camera, but I do. I noticed that I need to spend few hundred before I can take hold of the photos. Often times I still need to pay some amount although I don’t get any good photos out from the film I developed. The advent of digital cameras is surely a blast. It allows us to choice the pictures we want to print and allows as to take photos as many as we want until we run out of battery.

Nowadays, I still buy AA batteries but mostly it’s for the little one, for his toys. I am certain that batteries are one of the must to have items this coming holiday season. If you are an online shopper then you might want to check out sanyo eneloop batteries here. Well, the site don’t just offer batteries as it also offer different kinds of charger, radios, camcorder, camera, accessories and a lot more.

I must say, the site if a good store to head on just in case you are searching for unique present this coming holiday season.

October 05, 2012

First October Post

Upss.. I never thought that I haven’t updating this site until this morning when I am about to post the task assigned here. So this is my first blog post for the month of October, the second BER month. There is no doubt that holiday season is fast approaching. I don’t have any plan yet as to how to celebrate the season this year but one thing is for sure I will be celebrating it with the whole family like we always do in the past few years.

On the other note, the boyfriend will be home late this evening my time. For some reasons we didn’t have a good conversation yesterday so we need to talk a lot of things when he gets back to his country.

For now, I shall make myself busy with the tasks I have in my all time favorite paying site. Happy blogging!!

September 29, 2012

Recording At It's Best

There are times that I am feeling blue due to some personal reason and hormonal imbalances. One of the things that I usually do when I am not in best spirit is sleep, going out and listening to music. But since I could not go out whenever I want to go sleeping and listening to music is always a good choice. I know I am not alone who do this things especially listening to music.

We should be thankful to the music industry as they are trying their best to give their listeners a good quality of songs. I often wonder if recording companies uses h4n musicians friend to achieve a good recording performance.

September 27, 2012

PSP- Papa Soon Posible

I am lucky that my boyfriend accepted the little one. He we don’t have problem accepting the little one from the beginning. In fact he told me that he fell in love to us the first time he saw our picture together. It is not a secret that he would try his best to give what the little one wants. The little one knows that he gets to ask what he wants during Christmas, this Christmas I and the boyfriend already knew what to give him. It is something that is a bit expensive. He has been wanting this gadget but for some reason he more want another gadget. I found it out when he told come to me and talk to the boyfriend.

Here is there short conversation.

Son: I want PSP

Boyfriend: Yes, Papa Soon Possible

The boyfriend was laughing when he told this to the little one. He didn’t say yes to the little one as it won't be a surprise anymore if he do. But, I am not sure whether he gets what he wants or he gets what we first plan of giving him.

September 25, 2012

Safe Tent For The Little One

In my country scouting month is celebrated every month of October. But for some reasons the school where the little one is enrolled their scouting camping is schedule coming Thursday and Friday. Yesterday the little one started to wear his Boy Scout uniform too bad I missed taking a picture of him. Since yesterday he has been counting the days until Thursday. He even reminds me to prepare the tent he will use during the camping. Good thing he reminds me as I need to wash the net of the tent.

 I am glad that the tent own by my Aunt is a good one. It has a net inside that safeguard the little one from mosquito, snake and other insects that may harm the little one while sleeping in the tent. The tent may not look appealing outside but I assure you its nice and safe inside. I figured the style of the tent is like of the nemo tents I’ve found online. The price of the tent of I am to base on the website is expensive. So I thank my Aunt for giving the tent to the little one.

September 24, 2012

Miss My Boyfriend

The boyfriend is on travel for two weeks now. One thing I hate when he is traveling is that we cannot chat regularly. Of course phone calls and sms are constant but since I am use to see him on cam three times a day I not contented of calls and sms. Well, I also have another reason why I hate when he is on trip but I could not announce it here as it is personal and I choice to keep it private.

The only things I like when he is on trip is that I have ample of time to sleep and blog. Not that I more want to sleep and blog but if I am to choice whether to stay awake in the middle of the night and blog less or not to see him for few weeks I would choice to stay awake at nights and blog less. Well, he will be home next week and after we will have a lot of planning to do.

September 15, 2012

Clamping Levers

This day searching for any types of tools is easy. With the advent of internet technology all you need to have it a working computer and internet connection, you can start searching anything you need from the comfort of your home. Same goes when you are looking for manual clamping systems. You can find wide selection of clamping levers at Reid Supply Company.

With their wide selection of clamping levers you will surely find one that you are looking for in a very reasonable price

Busy And Not Feeling Well

The blogger behind this blog is uber busy running offline errands. I do not have much time to blog as I am usually tired when I get home.

Last night, I had bad asthma attack when I get home that I only take my medicine and hit the sack. Good thing I am better not. I should be better as I have a lot of things to do in line. I need to be at the mall today to settle my brother-in-law’s Philhealth remittance.

Since I will be going to the mall, I am tagging along the little one as I need to buy him a shoe. I should have buy it few days ago but because he have classes and I am also busy assisting my younger sister.

September 09, 2012

On Christmas Decor

I have been talking about the holiday season in my other blogs. Now, I will be talking about it here. It is not a secret the holiday season is my favorite time of the year. Aside from shopping for my nieces and nephews as gift from my boyfriend listening to Christmas songs is another thing that I look forward on Christmas time. Of course, seeing Christmas décors anywhere makes me feel good and excited.

I don’t have any plan of buying Christmas décor this year as I bought some last year. But if my budget allow me to do so, I’d like to have any of the Byers Choice carolers that I found online. As I continue to browse the site I found a lot of items that is worth having. How I wish I am rich so I start collecting decors for have my own Christmas village.

September 03, 2012

Taking Advantage

I just got a call from my boyfriend to let me know that he can not make it online at six o'clock as he still at he bank. But I will see him in hour or so instead.

So while waiting for the boyfriend to come online I might as well take this opportunity to blog. This blog has been dormant for almost three weeks. My bad as I don’t have anything to share in here. Another reason is that I don’t have any tasks assign for this blog. It’s been a while since my last blog for this blog. Now I am blaming the advertiser for not choosing this blog. What a lame excuse.

 I do hope I be posting some updates here in the next coming days..

August 12, 2012

Sweet Gesture

I usually not talk about my boyfriend in any of my blogs. However there are times that I am in the mood to share my thoughts and feeling toward the boyfriend. He may not be the sweetest boyfriend in the world but he sure can melt my heart effortless. Just like last night, I was outside with a friend and my cousin. He knows it as I asked permission few days ago. We usually spend our time talking online three times a day. So phone calls are not our cup of tea as we want to see each other while talking. Even if we are not in good terms we still want to see each other on cam.

Last night, I didn’t expect him to call early as he usually calls me between 10 to 12 midnight. But last night he called up twice, first call was pass eight in the evening and the second call was past two in morning. But before the second call I found out that he called up in our home phone and I know his reason, he wants to check if I am home already. Calling me twice and checking what I am doing is one of his sweet gestures as we usually talk our schedule and plan for the day before we end up our chat in the morning. And, well, I am not use to receive a call from him twice a day so you will understand why I find it sweet. The boyfriend might not know it but he just made me happy and melts my heart with his calls last night.

To my love, I just want you to know that despite of my short comings you know how much I love you. I know you not like it whenever I say thank you for everything that you’ve done to me, to the king, and to my family but you know I will forever be thankful and grateful to you. FYI, the boyfriend call the little one as KING- his reasons, he always get what he wants.

August 09, 2012

On Caring Our Nails

So, who doesn’t want to be beautiful? I am pretty sure we all want to be beautiful and stand out among others. Imagine yourself walking in the mall and suddenly you noticed that everybody is all eyes to you and you saw appreciation in their eyes. There is no doubt that you will feel good and satisfied. As all know there are lots of things to do for us to stand out among others. Other may choice to undergo medical procedure, use expensive beauty products or have their hair fixed in a high end salon. But, do you know that by simply using nail polish in your nails can also add beauty? Yes, you read it right guys. Nail polish can add beauty but only if it applied correctly.

Anyway, I do have a little knowledge in doing my nails. I was lucky as I was in cosmetology class in one of my subject way back in high school. But for some reason I am lazy to do my own nails. Now that my cousin who usually does my nails is working in another place I don’t have any choice but to visit a salon when I am lazy to do it myself. There are times that I’ll visit my favorite salon once a week but because it hurt my budget sometimes I just make it twice a month.

As my boyfriend said I like to experiment on what color of nail polish I am gonna applied in my nails. Honestly, there times that he doesn’t like the shade I am wearing and, well, he would ask me to change it immediately. I wonder what would be his reaction if I tried using fake nails like my cousin. Not that I usually bite my nails but I want to know the feeling how it is to wear fake nails, that is why I am excited to read about how do you make fake nails. Not that I will try to me as I know my boyfriend will scold me but I want to share what I’ve learned to my cousin who is working in a salon.

Talking about my cousin, although he is working in a salon he don’t have proper education. He got his knowledge through experience. I even wonder if he knows what are gel nails and what are solar nails. Well, just in case he needs to know about the above mentioned I can be of help to my cousin as I found this website for nail care.

Lazy Blogger

Yay, I am slacking in all my blogs. I haven’t been posting an update in any of my blogs for the past couple of days. Not that I am away from my notebook as I am online most of the time I am just procrastinating a lot. With this, I am cramming to finish the tasks I have in my SR dashboard for quite sometimes. I already got an e-mail this morning reminding me of the tasks.

But before I’ll do the task I shall run few mommy errands.

August 05, 2012

Drum Cleaner

I know someone who is a member of a band. I don’t know if they are in the country as of this typing. The last time I heard about them is they are working aboard. I am pretty sure there is no dull and lonely moments while they are working aboard as the band compose of two sibling and close friends. They can mingle together when there no gig to attend.

Anyway, at one point while I watched them performing on stage few years ago I asked myself how they manage to make their drums, guitar and other instruments looks new. But now I know what they use in cleaning their drums, it’s paiste cymbals cleanser.

So if you’re a band member or own drums perhaps you can also try using the cleanser and see the result.

It Is The Internet Or The Facebook Site

What a bummer. My internet connection is crawling like a turtle today or it is just the facebook site that is slow as the other seems to load normally. I have been trying to access the new feeds but it just keeps on loading. It’s making me annoyed, really.

Anyway, how is your weekend doing so far? As for me, I am having a fruitful weekend. I am almost done with my online task from my all-time favorite site. Another few tasks from SR, it’s been a while since I stopped bidding. I am glad I was in the mood one day and bid as many as I can. Some of them purchased a review in my other blogs.

August 04, 2012

Lazy Weekend

So, how is your weekend doing so far? As for me, I am dealing with colds since yesterday. I could only hope and pray that I will not end having asthma attack. I have noticed that whenever allergy stays for a day or so I will surely have asthma. The last attack happened last week of June and ended first week of July. I didn’t do much today unlike yesterday. I was productive yesterday, I manage to clean my room and finish few tasks.

Anyway, I don’t have much to say in here. Just posting nonsense update, happy blogging and have a nice weekend.

August 03, 2012

Protect Your Identity From Electronic Theft

I got an offline message from a friend asking my mobile number and home number for a reason that she lost her phone. She said someone pick pocket her phone that were place in her bag while riding a public utility vehicle.

Anyway, at present that almost everything can be done quick and easy, thefts are not just doing the traditional way of robbing as rubber these days don’t just rob belonging but also rob someone’s identity. Who would have thought that time will come when getting someone personal information will come in a handy.

I am talking about digital identity theft. Don’t you know that you can be in a big trouble without knowing it? Identity thieves developed a high-tech way of digging out personal data from credit cards, passport and other personal identification. Isn’t it scary? Good thing rfid blocking is not available at Identity Stronghold. So what are you waiting for? Protect yourself from electronic pick pocketing.

Nice Weather

Yay, I want to blog but my mind is wandering around. I have another set of online tasks from my all-time favorite site. I want them to be included in the next cut-off. Fiesta is fast approaching and, well, I might need extra money for the preparation.

On the other note, the weather is nice. Mr Sunshine is up and shining but because it is windy it’s not that hot. It’s so nice to go to the park and enjoy the weather. But then, I have so many things that need to be done and it’s not weekend yet so I have to look on the little one’s need. Oh well, it’s Friday. I’ll see what I can do coming weekend. I am not still in my best mood so I might as well take the chance to unwind and relax.

August 02, 2012

Time Flies

Really, time flies so fast and before we know it the hustle and bustle cause by the holiday season is on our way. I know, I may sound very excited since the month of August has just started but common guys it’s not a secret that holiday season is my favorite time of the year. Aside from shopping another reason why I love this time of the year is the cool weather.

In a tropical country where I came from wall fireplaces is not commonly use so I don’t have any idea what the feeling is. Oh well, I know it helps warm the temperature but other than that no more. I have this thought of having a photo of my son sitting down near a fireplace decorated with Christmas décor. I just know it will be treasure if ever.

Why Women Cheat

I am a fan of twilight saga, I watched all the movies and I look forward for the last saga. I find Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (kristen Stewart) a perfect couple but for some reason Kristen betrayed Robert when she had an appear with the director of the Snowhite and Huntsman movie, Rupert Sanders. I have read somewhere that Kristin also betrayed his former boyfriend before she and Robert become a couple. I don’t want to judge Kristen but I know she has her reason why she always ends up breaking her boyfriend’s heart.

Out of curiosity I search why women do cheat. I found this answer on yahoo.

1. Whatever you can do, we can do it better.

2. When she doesn't come first in your life.

3. If the relationship gets abusive.

4. When things start to go sour.

5. Sometimes it is about the sex.

6. They won't leave something for nothing.

7. When he has too much baggage.

8. They aren't getting what they want out of the relationship.

9. They are bored in the relationship.

10. The relationship isn't THAT serious.

Should you want to know the reason beyond those reasons? Click here.

July 28, 2012

On Internet Technology

I don’t know if you’ve visited my other blog but if you do, you will notice that I’ve been blogging about the comfort of internet technology bestowed to us. I actually cannot imagine life without internet. As we all know internet is commonly used by everybody, youngsters and old ones. In fact internet is always the first to place to visit, from shopping to paying bills, from buying a simple vga to hdmi cables. Name it and you can find it online.

July 23, 2012

Now PR1

So the mighty Google noticed this neglected blog of mine. This blog is now PR1. I was surprised for this blog is often neglected and honestly I haven’t been working with its traffic for a long time now that I don’t even remember the last time I visited the links listed in the side bar.

I am glad that although this blog is not updated in a regular basis I can still get assign tasks from my all-time favorite paying site.

So did you check your pagerank lately? If not, then go and check it

July 08, 2012

IT Business Insurance

Do you own a computer business related company? Or are you planning to put up you’re your own computer shop business? If so, then perhaps you would like to check out Tech Insurance at You can find helpful information about what kind of insurance you need to get or get business liability insurance quote.

With Tech Insurance I am quite sure that you will get the best service as they are American’s leading online provider of business and professional insurance in the IT industry.

I'm Popular

I love my nail painted with my favorite nail polish. Sometimes I painted it my boyfriend’s favorite nail polish color which is red. Oh well, red nail polish is also my favorite color but there are times that I want to try other colors and often than not the boyfriend doesn’t like it.

You Are Popular

You're the type of person who's always been happy with who you are. You feel both intensely alive and totally at peace.
You are a study in contradictions. At times you're stubborn, but you're also willing to roll with the punches.

People gravitate toward you. You are bold and self-assured, but you are also totally unpretentious.
You are a joy and blessing to be around. People love you for being you!

He Lost His Sunglass

Last year the little one lost his sunglasses. I was disappointed when I found it as I the sunglass is not cheap and he only used it for two months. Since then, I opt not to buy him another one. But when we are traveling and he will complain that his eyes caught something I think of buying him another sunglass.

Talking about sunglasses, I happened to stumbled upon this site that offer rayban aviator 3025. I m pretty sure this kind of sunglass is popular. My brother who loves sunglasses would surely love this. Rayban is an expensive brand but if you will do a little research you can find discounted Rayban sunglasses online.

Sweet Message

Nothing beats the excitement of receiving sweet messages from your partner. Right? The boyfriend is currently enjoying the good weather with his family in the summer cottage. He left at home Friday morning since then I not see him on cam. He calls every night and will send messages on my phone anytime of the day.

Last night, I received a sweet message from him. The little one saw me smiling. He asked me to if he can read the message. I guess he wants to know the reason why I am smiling when I was just reading a message. Anyway, here is an excerpt in his message.

“We keep on loving each other forever. I love and miss you so much” Isn’t it sweet?

July 07, 2012

Supra Shoe For The Little Mister

The little one needs another extra shoe. Oh well, I was about to buy him one two weeks ago but because my budget for the spike shoe was not enough I decided to move the plan of buying his extra shoe. I am not yet sure when the boyfriend would give another budget for the shoe but while he is on vacation I could not stop myself from browsing the kids supra shoes I found online. I am not sure if the little one would like to have supra shoe but I know the nephew would love it.

Miss Him

As of this typing, I am thinking what the boyfriend is doing with his grandchildren in the summer cottage. I haven’t seen him on come today and would be seeing him in the next coming days. Hay, I really miss him so much. I could not image that I will miss him this much. I guess it’s because we have been arguing lately. Hearing his voice is not enough although it makes me feel better.

Passion In Carpentry

At an early age, the little one is starting to show his passion in carpentry. He asked me to buy him the tools used by carpenter many times. He just stops asking me when I told him he can’t have it now as he is too young to own those tools. I wonder where he gets this passion.

If ever, he still have this passion when he gets old he knows he can have them. By then, I can tell him to buy jet tools parts just in case he needs one.

July 06, 2012

Quick Update

As of this typing the boyfriend is I guess preparing for his things in going to summer cottage with his family. He will be away from home for few days and it could only mean one thing I wont be seeing hime while he is in the summer cottage. Haist, I surely miss him. Oh well, I am starting to miss him in fact.

I haven’t metioned here that I am in public internet café. My notebook crashed few days ago and is curently in the repair shop. I really hope I can have it back tomorrow so I can do my online errands at home.

June 21, 2012

Hook In Shopping Online

I am into online shopping these days. I have an online friend who is in the US. She mentioned about her online store that being supervised by her sister. After she send me the link of their online store Facebook account I hurriedly check their item.

Shopping is what I like to do but because I am not rich and I don't have a lot of money to spend I seldom shop. Although I don't shop in a weekly basis I still consider myself lucky as I can still buy the stuff I want for myself and for the little one. I also pamper my family once in a while :). But anyway, like I said a while ago I am hooked shopping online. I have few items reserved for me and the little one. When I mentioned about it to my boyfriend he tease me and said I shop like I print my own money and he laughed.

Talking about online shopping. I recently came across this website that offer wide selection of icon jackets, motorcycle helmets, gear and other competition accessories. You can avail of their free shipping for orders worth more than a hundred dollars.

June 12, 2012

Physician Networking

With the advancement of technology searching for individual information is easy. Just recently, I came across this social network for physicians. I know, for professional users their safety is always their concern. That is why comes up with a strict verification when making an account with them.

With this, I am not surprise why physicians choice to use this networking to interact with other physicians like Tyrone Tucker, MD who are ready to communicate and exchange idea in health field. As of this moment the site had 700,000 physicians profile, with education, trainings, certification and other information with regard to their profession you sure can find what you are looking for.

Should you know more information? You can visit the site now!

Another Call

I have mentioned last night that I received a call from my boyfriend last night though I cannot hear him good because of signal. Good thing he called again after few hours. We had a good talk then.

On the other note, Mr Sunshine is shining brightly today. Summer time is coming to an end as rainy season is on their way as of this typing. I am planning to have our laundry today so I hope the sun will be up today and tomorrow.

Oh! I should not be blabbing now as I have tasks to finish in a hour. And, well, I am not yet done covering the books of the little one. I need to finish it today.

June 11, 2012

A Call

What a bummer. I got a call from the boyfriend few minutes ago but I could not hear him good. I guess it high time I buy another sim card (globe) for my other phone so we will have an option just in case the Smart Network want to be bad to us. There are times that calling to my mobile is impossible. Why I say so? I sometimes lost signal at nights. Often times that boyfriend cannot contact me.

Anyway, he will be home in few days. By then we can talk online three times a day.

June 10, 2012

On Travel

For few days I haven’t talking to my boyfriend online as he is on travel. He needs to sign some important papers regarding his insurance that he will start receiving late next year. We had a small misunderstanding when he left but like our previous misunderstanding we will certainly find a good solution.

On the other hand, as you’ve noticed I seldom update this blog. Often than not, I’ll post an update whenever I have a task assign here. I know I have unreasonable reasons for not posting any update here so I should put more effort for this blog.

May 26, 2012

Gift Ideas

When special occasions such as birthdays and holidays some of us would worry what present would give a big smile to our loved ones. Of course there are lots of give ideas that we can find but, what if the person has everything he/she wants. That is the time when finding a perfect gift can be daunting.

However if you know the person very well, then it would help you decide what present to give. Let say, for example, the person loves to smoke then perhaps giving him alec bradley cigars is a good choice. If the person loves perfume, then nothing beats the idea of giving that person a perfume.

I do hope this tips would help you find the perfect present for your loved ones.

Hide Your Gun Safely

There are people who just love to collect different kinds of gun. I don’t know what made them collect this kind of collection. I do not know if you know if you know someone who loves gun. As for me, I don’t know anyone. I just know that carrying a gun needs license and permit to carry.

But if you if you own a firearms I would advise you to have gun safes at home. It is important to hide your firearms in a safe place especially if you have children at home to avoid horrific accident.

May 24, 2012

Visited My Favorite Salon

I was at my favorite salon last week for my usual manicure and pedicure. I did missed visiting the salon as I always get free nail pampering courtesy of cousin and when he left I usually have it in salon near my place. While having my manicure and pedicure I wonder if the ladies working in the salon enrolled in a beauty school like Regency Beauty school for they seems sure what they are doing.

Oh well, whether they enrolled in beauty school or not what matter is that they know what they are doing. For those who want to make another career then perhaps you want to consider working in a salon. No matter how our economy is doing there are lots of individuals who still wants to look at their best and going to the salon is their first option.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544.

One True Love

You'll Have 1 True Love

Calm and understated, you struggle to express your love with words.
Over time, your partner learns to recognize your passion by the actions you take.
You're good at wooing someone slowly, without them even realizing it!

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 2

You are most compatible with people born on the 7th, 16th, and 25th of the month.

May 17, 2012

Thanks My Love

I actually cannot think of a good blog post to share here. But I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my ever supportive boyfriend for everything. Without you, I know life would not be this easy. I know I can be a bitch girlfriend at times yet you are still there to support me in all my undertaking. I also want you to know that I love you much and I look forward to the day when we are finally together.

Thanks for pampering the little one recently. We both know he is very happy with your recent gift.

May 09, 2012

Tanning Spray Kit

I wonder if anyone of you knows someone who wants to have a tan skin. It is summer time and usually people would like to hang in the beach. And, well, is also this time when each one of us would want to lose weight and tan skin to look sexy and awesome in our favorite swimwear.

Anyways, if you’re a salon owner and looking for an affordable spray tanning kit then worry no more for you can find wide variety of kit you can use for your salon without making a hole in your wallet.

May 07, 2012

Lucky To Have You

I was talking to the boyfriend a while ago. I don’t usually share a lot of story about my five years relationship to my current boyfriend. Of course, it is not a secret that I am in an interracial relationship. It is not easy to maintain a long distance relationship and an interracial relationship at that. But I am thankful and glad that we always manage to fix our differences. We have our fair share of bad fights but then misunderstanding is simply one of the components when you are in a relationship. There is no such thing as perfect relationship anyway.

I may not have everything that I want in this world but rest assured I am well taken care of my man no matter what other people would say about me. And yes, he is always there to listen to my whine. And well, he knows all the gossips about me. He is simply a kind of boyfriend that will do everything just to make me feel better and want to know what is happening to me.

May 06, 2012

Money Problem?

Worry no more...

There is no doubt that there would be a time that we run out of cash no matter how we manage our finances. Often than not borrowing from our family, friends or to any lending company but who would run into in case you cannot borrow from any or your relatives and friends. And it is impossible for you to lend the amount you need in any lending company.

Well, you can stop worrying now for there is another way to get the amount you need through structured settlements. You can visit for more information about structured settlement.

Easy Shopping

Seriously internet technology never stops amazing me. And, I am quite sure it never stops amazing you as well. There are lots of reasons why we should be thankful for whoever invented internet technology. Who would imagine that buying lag screw, knobs, handles, hand wheels, clamps, tooling components, bearing, metal working would be easy. In fact you can buy almost everything online. You just need to find a legit and safe to shop website.

May 04, 2012

An Update, Finally

Yay, it’s been a while since my last update in this blog. I just could not think of a good blog post to publish in here. Well, now I have a good reason to post an update as I got an online task from my all-time favorite pay to blog website. It’s been idle in my dashboard for many days now. Good thing I am in the mood to blog although I am tired. I did our laundry today; I already had a neck-file of dirty clothes.

On the other note, the Mighty Google is updating again. I am glad that this blog retain its PR. How about you? Are you affected by the recent update?

April 24, 2012

Gift Ideas For Mother In Laws

They say mother in laws are hard to please. Is this true? I am mother but I a single mother so it is self-explanatory why I ask because I haven’t experience dealing to MIL. Anyway whatever kind of MIL you got she surely deserve a special gift coming Mother’s Day, whether she is a villain or a supportive mother in law you can surely make her heart melt if you give her a gift on that very special day.

Since you aim to please your MIL finding a perfect gift can be daunting, so gift ideas for a mother in law online can be helpful or better yet visit With their wide variety of gift ideas one can surely find something that is interesting and affordable.

April 22, 2012

I Wish I Can Sing

I could not sing so whenever I heard or see someone who sings well or play a music instrument I could not help myself but wished I can also sing or perhaps play a Jasmine by Takamine Bass instrument. My other siblings can sing and play a guitar but I wonder why I can’t. I guess it is because I am afraid to try.
When we have a family get together at home, my family would ask me to try singing but I always say NO. I wonder if I can sing one day just for the sake of fun.

April 16, 2012

Considering On Getting Own Domain

I have mentioned before that I am considering on getting this blog its own domain name for a simple reason that I don’t have a lot of story to share about love. I choose not to publish everything that concern about my relationship to my boyfriend of five years. So updating this blog in regular basis is not easy and don’t be surprised if you will find some of my post not relevant to the blog title.

Anyway, hopefully I have exciting story to share soon.

April 15, 2012

Read Reviews Online

There are hundreds of diet pills available in the market today that promise to be safe and effective. Lots of advertisements about diet pills online but have you stumble upon a website that talk about the side effect of the pill you want to try. Most of the time we just after the good effect that the pill can give us and the bad effect are mostly taken for granted which for me is not good.

So if you are taking Decaslim as your means of losing weight I would advise you to read Decaslim reviews, with this you will know the good and bad effect of the said pill.

April 14, 2012

Saturday Update

I always failed to update this blog. I couldn’t believe that my last update was last month. All along I was wrong as I thought I post an update last week. Anyway, I don’t have much to say in here and no exciting story to share as well. I do hope I will have the energy to update this blog in a regular basis.

On the other hand, the boyfriend celebrated his birthday few days ago. The simple and perhaps a blissful dinner with his daughter turned bad when he had breathing problem so he decided to visit heart clinic. Gladly he is getting better now and his heart beat is getting normal. I do hope next year we will celebrate our birthdays together.

March 27, 2012

Buy Musical Instrument Online

I personally know someone who is working in a band with his older brother. I idolized both of them for playing music is their means of earning for a living. I often ask if each band member owned the instrument they are using or they purchased it as a group. My friend own a Hofner Bass and I know it took him few months before he can buy the said instrument.

Talking about musical instrument, if you are in a look out of band instrument or you just want to buy it for someone then I urges you to check out the link above. They are currently accepting order from the Philippines with a minimal shipping cost.

Wireless Speaker

You will see a lot of cable wire scattered beside my bed, it is where my computer table located. Often times it pisses me off especially if I am doing something and I could not just move freely as I need to be extra careful because of the cable wires. For sure working at home mommies will understand me.

Modern technology never stops amazing me. Just recently I came across an online store that offer various types of wireless speakers. Imagine listening to your favorite music anywhere you want using a wireless speaker. Apart from bringing it anywhere you want you don’t need to worry the cable wires as it is wireless.
So, if you are planning to buy new speaker then perhaps you should consider getting a wireless one.

Its A Rainy Tuesday

Oh boy! It is raining outside like cats and dogs. Summer time is just around the corner so Mr Sunshine should be shining today. Truly weather is unpredictable these days.

It is this time when laziness usually strikes. It makes me stay long in bed cuddle my pillow under my blanket. But then the little one is going to school so I shall get up no matter how lazy I am. I will be also talking to my boyfriend in a while. I am in fact waiting for him to come online. I know he will be online in a while.

Another reason why I should not be lazy today in spite of the cold weather is that I have some online work to do. I got some tasks to work on from my favorite pay to blog site. So happy blogging guys!! Let’s make this day productive.

March 17, 2012

On Titanium Jewelries

Just the other day I was talking about engagement rings in my other blogs. And today I will be talking about jewelry not an engagement ring though.

I do not know what is in titanium jewelries that lots of people wants to buy this kind of jewelries these days. I saw quite a lot of titanium jelweries such as titanium bracelet, earrings and necklace at the department store a while ago. Talking about titanium jewelries I found an online jewelry store the offer wide selection of titanium jewelries in a very affordable price.

The store offers watches, bracelet, earring and a much more. Should you need more information visit the website now.

March 05, 2012

Monday Update

Good morning bloggers! I just want you to know that I am still here, alive and kicking:).

It’s a Monday, the little tot and my nephew is having their breakfast now. I will be ironing their uniform as soon I finish this blog post. I was lazy to do it yesterday.

So how was your weekend? As for me, the plan of blog hopping didn’t happen as I was lazy and mostly taking a nap in the afternoon. I will just do the hopping today when the little tot left for school.

March 01, 2012

Thanks For The PR1, Mr Google

It’s the first day of the month and the blessings keep on pouring. This morning I got an online opportunity for my other blog. A minute ago I had another surprised when I found out that this blog has a PR1, already. I know it is not much but considering the fact that I only update this blog when I have paid post assign here is indeed a blessing. I even mentioned of deleting this blog because I don’t have much story to share in here but because I am still earning through this blog I opt to continue posting an update although not in a regular basis.

But anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Google for the giving this blog a page rank of 1.

February 26, 2012

Fun Filled Getaway With Your Partner

Are you feeling romantic these days? If so, the perhaps you want to consider traveling with your partner in some romantic getaway. One thing that travellers should consider when planning for a getaway is choice a place wherein you can do a lot of things. Of course there are thousands or place that is worth visiting and choosing which place to visit can be tricky. Just in case you haven’t visited Disneyland then consider visiting Orlando Florida.

There are lots of fun things to do in Orlando and most of all you can find Orlando Hotels that are close to tourist attraction spot such as Universal Studio, Sea World, Disneyland, golf courses, shopping malls and a lot more. With is nicknamed “The City Beautiful“, I don’t have a doubt that you will have a memorable getaway with your partner or even your family or friends. So what are you waiting for? Plan your getaway a head of time so you will have enough time booking your tickets, accommodation and searching for Orlando Hotel Reviews. Of course reading reviews will surely help you get the best accommodation that anyone can have.

Should you need more information visit the links I’ve provided above.

February 24, 2012

Thank You!!!!

This morning I got a message from a DA in my inbox. I thought it will take us few days exchanging message but I was wrong as we agreed immediately so this afternoon I already got the tasks. Surprisingly the advertiser included this blog. Wow, what a blessing and I am forever be thankful for all the blessing that comes my way.

Anyway, it’s Friday. I wish all a happy and a fruitful weekend.

On Video Teleconferencing

Can you imagine business without internet technology? As we all know, internet technology has been a part of every business these days. Oh well, internet is not only use in business for it is also use frequently by most people to communicate to their loved ones who is living or working in another place. There is no doubt that video teleconferencing is becoming popular nowadays. I remember my friend who had her interview online when she applied for her on the job training in the USA. Who would have thought that it is possible to do the internet online? But then, we are in a modern era.

February 22, 2012

Alive And Kicking

Nothing much to say in here, I just want to let you know that I am just here. I don’t have any exciting story to tell or share. So here I am, posting another non-sense blog post just to update this blog. Yay, I do hope my blogging mojo for this blog will go back real soon.

On the other note, it’s been a while since I last visited the links in my blog roll. I am considering on joining weekly meme for this blog to earn more visitors. I found out that joining weekly meme’s is effective method to earn more visitors.

February 15, 2012

On Clear Business Cards

Of course there are lots of ways how to promote a business. Other may resort to television advertisement but only those who have big capital and business can afford to pay such business promotion technique. If you are just starting a business the best way I know to promote your business without spending too much is spreading clear business cards to your customers, family and friends. I know it is a common way of promoting a business but effective. Just make sure your business cards are well printed or better yet visit

February 13, 2012

When Laziness Strike!!!

Duh! I do have few tasks to do but laziness is striking back again to its highest level. Yay, I do hope the blogging mojo will be active tomorrow so I could finish the tasks that have been idle in my dashboard for few days now.

On the lighter note, it’s Valentine’s Day in less than an hour. Do you have any plan for tomorrow? As for me, I and my friends are planning to go somewhere tomorrow after their respective businesses. Being with my gay friends mean… At least I will have a date tomorrow…a friendly date with beckies.

February 11, 2012

A Perfect Yet Practical Gift This Valentine's Day

I had my first prescription eyeglasses when I was in high school so I have my fair share of different style every time I need to purchase a new one. Few months ago I’ve been experiencing constant headache and I thought it is because of my eyes. I haven’t wearing my eyeglasses for more than a year because little one broke it. I was kind of hesitant to purchase the frame I liked for it was pricey but because I will be wearing it most of the time per doctor’s advice I just forget the price and get the stylish and expensive frame.

Talking about prescription eyeglasses, love is in the air, already. Finding the perfect gift for our loved ones can be exhausting, especially if you are trying to give the best and perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Oh well, I can give you a tip. If your partner is having an eye problem or if you’ve notice that his/her eyeglasses is a bit wrecked, already, then perhaps buying a new eyeglass is a good idea. At Zenni Optical you can find wide selection of frames with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. Who would have thought that is it possible to buy $6.95 prescription eyeglasses online. So what are you waiting for? Visit and browse through their Valentine’s Day glasses. I am quite sure you can find something that is passable your budget.

February 08, 2012

Blessing For This Neglected Blog

So I am finally up here for a nonsense update, again. I really don’t have much to say and story to tell this time. But then I am thankful that although this blog is neglected most of the time blessings continue to pour. It is not in a regular basis but at least I have one valid reason to continue this blog and maybe purchase a domain for this. I am not yet sure what I will am gonna do with this blog but I will not delete this definitely.

On the lighter note, the mighty Google is doing some update again. I smiled from ear to ear when I found out that my new blog has a pagerank of 1, already. Wow, that blog is more than two months old. I am positive that I’ll start earning from that blog sooner than I expected. Thanks God for everything.

February 03, 2012

Pieces And Aries Love Compatibility

I don't actually believe in horoscope and other prediction about love and etc. But it doesn't mean I don't read my horoscope and prediction for the whole year. Few weeks ago I reading about my prediction for the whole year.

The boyfriend is Ariesian and I am Piecian. Here is what I got.

Pisces and Aries love compatibility

Fire and water do not normally mix and that is why the Aries with Pisces love match could be a complex relationship. Aries is self-assured and vivacious; Pisces is somewhat shy and easily led. Aries likes to be dominant, Pisces likes having someone to lean on. The Aries will be intrigued by the behavior of Pisces in the bedroom. The active participation of the Aries will help Pisces get the shyness over. The realization of Pisces' sexual wishes can cause strong excitation. Together they should have interesting and pleasant time. The opportunity of connection or a marriage is very high, if they manage to overcome the differences between their temperaments.

Plan Your Summer Adventure Ahead

Time flies really, if not with my son’s birthday I won’t notice that the month of January comes to an end. It seems that it was just yesterday when we were excited and busy welcoming the new year. Now we are on the second month of the year and before we know we will be welcoming another month. Yay, holiday season is fast approaching, again. But seriously, summer time here in my other part of the world is just around the corner. I know some of us is already planning as to how and where to spend summer. One thing is for sure, a lot of outdoor activities are already planned.

So if ever you want to bring your family to a summer escapade, a picnic perhaps then I would advise you to have your own smoker grill. I am sure the kids will enjoy grilling outside the house and it will be a good experience for them if they try grilling whether it’s a hotdog, meat or fish.

February 02, 2012

Nonsense Update

So, I am here again with a gibberish update. My attempt of keeping this blog updated it not working. I am not a type of person who wants to broadcast everything that is happening to me. At some point I want to delete this blog and just make new one. I figured that the tittle of this blog is appropriate to a niche blog which I am not sure if I am ready to author a niche blog at this point of time. Oh well at first I am not planning to monetize this blog but luckily it was approved by my favourite paying site when I submit it few years ago. This is also the reason why I am having a second thought whether to delete this blog. I am considering on buying a domain and move this blog to wordpress.

Anyway, I don’t have the budget yet for buying a domain so I will just keep this blog for now.

January 27, 2012

Standout In You Wedding Day

In wedding it is actually the bride’s gown that got the glimpse from the visitors and observers. But of course the bride itself is a great sight to look at and wearing a fabulous wedding gown is just a plus. Mostly the groom is less noticeable, maybe because they are not wearing the most expensive tuxedo in the world. Or it is simple because a wedding day is the bride’s big day.

As for me, the groom should also get attention like the bride. But for a guy to achieve it he should wear something that will make him standout like his bride. Perhaps a fabulous cuff links in his suit will do. As for a wide selection of cuff links you can head on the link I have shared earlier of this blog post.

January 22, 2012

Nightie Bloggers!!

Oh yeah! My eyes are not cooperating with me. I was doing my usual blog hopping in my other blog when I suddenly feel sleepy. I tried to keep my eyes open but it’s impossible to do it now as they are getting heavier in every wink I do. I wanted to visit all the link in my blog list but I guess I can’t do it today. So I shall give in with my bummer eyes and continue to blog hopping tomorrow.

Anyhow, it’s a holiday here in my other part of the world tomorrow so I have ample of time to blog. I might as well visit the blogs listed in this blog. Let’s see if laziness won’t hit me again. As a blogger I really need to fight laziness for me to be able to reach my goal this year.

Good night bloggers!!!

January 18, 2012

5 And Counting

As you all know I am in a long distance relationship. Few weeks ago we celebrated our fifth year anniversary. Since we are miles away we didn’t celebrate it with a blast. At this point of time what really matter is that we love each other and our promise to continue loving each other no matter what till the end. I know there is no such thing called perfect relationship. We do have our fair share of ups and downs. Keeping a long distance relationship is not easy but we are glad and thankful that despite of the distance we are still together and looking forward to our first anniversary celebration together.

Lucky to those who can celebrate their anniversary together for they can celebrate it with a blast. You can even search for anniversary present for your boyfriend online. Oh, I know it unusual to give sweets to the boyfriend but it is surely a sweet gesture. Right, guys?

January 17, 2012

I Missed My Boyfriend

I missed my boyfriend. As I mentioned in my other blog I don’t have internet access for two days. That also means that I haven’t seen my love on cam for two days. I although hear his voice but hearing his voice doesn’t enough to ease my longing for him. He has been uber busy lately that we couldn’t chat in a regular basis. Good thing I get to see him yesterday on cam before his laptop go crazy, again. I got a call from him last night that his laptop is acting up again so he needs to bring it to repair shop.

With this we didn’t talked in time of our chat. Hopefully, his laptop will be fix later today so we can chat always. He promised me last week that he won’t busy this week.
On the other hand, like usual I can only update this blog whenever I have a task assigned here. My effort in making this blog updated is not really working. I shall try harder. I will be updating my blog roll here since I am done with my other site. Hopefully I can do it real soon.

January 11, 2012

Actos Bad Side Effect

Gone were the days when we need to visit the library whenever we need to gather information for a certain topic but now, you don’t need go to the library for you can find the information you need from the tips of your fingers. There is no doubt that the advent of internet technology has amazed us many times.

Just recently I have read quite a lot of articles about the bad side effect that Actos drug may give to diabetic patient a serious illness. The person who is taking the said medicine may acquire a bladder cancer from actos. So if you think you or someone you know is a victim of Actos bad side effect you can seek legal advice online of better yet check out

See, with the help of internet technology everything is possible from the comfort of your home.

I'll Be A Godmother Again

I will be a godmother again..

I was processing the money I sent for the renewal of my other domain when I got a message from my younger sister who lives in another place. She told me that I will be one of the godmother to my cousin’s daughter coming Sunday. Yay, few weeks ago I was also a godmother for my best friends daughter. I am not yet decided whether to go and attend the baptism as I still need to ask permission to my boyfriend. But if ever I go I’ll leave on Saturday with the little one.

I Somewhat Find Love Easy

You Find it Somewhat Easy to Love

It’s been a while since the last time I posted about blogthing here. Since I am running out of words to say might as well grab this opportunity to take new online quiz about love which is just appropriate here. I have a lot of choices but I am wondering if I can find love easily and here is what I got..

Love is never easy, and you while you try your best to let love into your life, it's a struggle.

You find it a bit difficult to get close to and trust other people. You've been burned before!

You keep your heart as open as possible. You would like to love more and be loved in return.

Wanting love is half the battle, so keep up the hard work. Eventually you'll get all the love you crave.

On Crestor Lawsuit

Have you been taking Crestor to treat your high cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease? If so, be warned as I recently found out over the web that Crestor also known as Rosuvastatin is giving common side effect like nausea, weakness, abdominal pain, and muscle pain. You are lucky if you are just experiencing the common side effect of the medicine but what if you experience the serious injuries such as heart attacks and heart failure.

So before it’s too late I urge you to visit your doctor just in case you’re taking this kind of medicine. If your doctor finds out that you have been a victim of Crestor side effect you don’t need to worry as you’ve the right to file Crestor lawsuit these days. You can also find some help online.

January 04, 2012

2012 Update

My attempt on updating this blog in a regular basis really sucked. There are times that I missed posting an update for few weeks. If not with the tasks assigned to this blog I am sure I will neglect this blog like I did in my design blog. I don’t didn’t have the software I am using to scrap and make customized theme layout so I opt not to update that blog anymore. Oh well, I can still share my love story in here once in a while but surely it has limitations. I have set limitations of what to share in my blogs.

I sure try to make this blog updated this 2012. That is a promise and I am aim to do it.