November 07, 2011

Random Thoughts

For few months now, I have been considering on living on my own. The boyfriend won’t allow me to live alone with the little one while he is not here, yet. But for some reasons I feel like doing it as soon as possible but then again the boyfriend asked me to thoroughly think about it before deciding. Oh well, month of December is fast approaching its the time I and my boyfriend decided to rent a house. So I might as well wait for that time.

On the lighter note, Christmas time is fast approaching. I am planning to list the stuff I need to buy for my family, god children and few individuals that in one way or another deserve to receive a gift from me. I already have few in my mind. I am happy to share the blessings I am continuously receiving this year. I may not have everything and I may run out of money in my pocket but it is fulfilling seeing the smiles of whoever the recipient of the present I am planning to buy. The gifts might not be expensive but as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.


kim said...

i guess living alone is something you really have to think about..

by the way, do you mind checking out on The Little Miss..?

mary mary quite contrary said...

i've lived alone away from my family for half my entire adult life, it has it's pros and cons. but after a few years of living alone, i finally ended up renting an apartment near my family.

it was fun during the first times, but then again when trouble seems to come, you need family to console you, the trip is not at all enjoyable.

your boyfriend is right, think about it a hundred times before you do. :)

irel said...

I like to be independent, true it has a pro and cons but living on your own teaches you how to become more responsible!