October 30, 2011

On Debts....

At one point or another have you experience running out of budget and you still need to pay some bills? If so, what do you usually do? As for me I am just lucky that the boyfriend is always there to back me up when my wallet it empty. If in case he cannot send me the money immediately he would ask me to lend the amount I need to a friend. I am glad that I am good payer so I can easily lend the amount I need without any hassle.

I knew we all experience financial difficulties so no wonder lending companies are popping like mushrooms these days. I will not be surprised if debt collection agencies will soon be a good business in my other part of the world. There is nothing bad lending money to your family, friends or lending company. The bad thing is that if you are starting to hide when someone is looking for you to collect the amount you owe. Funny as it is but it happen, I already witness someone who is hiding just because a lady was looking for her to collect some money.

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