October 30, 2011

The Ignorance In Me

Few years back I really don’t how important a Retail POS System in a business such as groceries, department store, boutique and similar business. All along I thought that the cashiers in the department store where I usually buy our grocery were just using computers. It was just recently that I get to know the exact name of the computers look alike when I found this website called

On Debts....

At one point or another have you experience running out of budget and you still need to pay some bills? If so, what do you usually do? As for me I am just lucky that the boyfriend is always there to back me up when my wallet it empty. If in case he cannot send me the money immediately he would ask me to lend the amount I need to a friend. I am glad that I am good payer so I can easily lend the amount I need without any hassle.

I knew we all experience financial difficulties so no wonder lending companies are popping like mushrooms these days. I will not be surprised if debt collection agencies will soon be a good business in my other part of the world. There is nothing bad lending money to your family, friends or lending company. The bad thing is that if you are starting to hide when someone is looking for you to collect the amount you owe. Funny as it is but it happen, I already witness someone who is hiding just because a lady was looking for her to collect some money.

October 29, 2011


It’s almost midnight here in my other part of the world. I should be in bed right not but for some reasons I could not sleep. So while I am feeling energetic and awake I might as well take this opportunity to do the online task that I’ve neglected for the past few days. Oh well, it’s a school break for the little one so I will have longer time blogging while waiting for the boyfriend to come online in the morning. So expect me to visit you guys.

October 22, 2011

On Social Networking

How many accounts do you own in any of the social networking available in the net today? I am sure you also have a multiple account like any others or should I say like me. Yes, I do have two accounts in one of the leading social networking today, one is my personal account and the other one is for my blogger account.

Who would have thought that there is a social networking for Physicians? Oh well, not me for sure. Just recently I came across this website called It's a social networkings for Phycian like Darren Wohl MD. If there is a social networking for physicians I will not be surprised if one day there will be a social networking for educators.

By the way, joining in this site is surely safe as you will undergo a three steps credential check before you can join the site.

October 21, 2011

It's TGIF Yet I Am Lazy

Oh, Thanks God It’s Friday. I should be happy today because weekend is fast approaching but for some reasons I just couldn't be happy. I am uber lazy too, to run my online errands. I have some tasks that need my attention but I choice not to do them, at least this morning. I am hoping that I will be more productive later today.

I also need to go downtown today to check how much it will cost me to buy or sew a Korean National costume for the little one. I do hope it won’t make a hole in my wallet.


..that is. Yesterday, I realize how essential my desktop is when I was trying to download software’s that will allow me to edit photos and scrap. I have mentioned in my other blogs how I missed digi scrapbooking. So with any ado I searched for free scrap lo and gladly I found one that I like but because I could not use the software I downloaded I could not use it. It was only yesterday how I missed my desktop.

If money is in question I will have it fix as soon as possible. Sadly, I am always in a tight budget.

October 15, 2011

On Great Deals

As I have mentioned in my other blogs there is a huge sale that is currently running in the mall and in the two department stores in downtown. If money is not an issue I will surely buy the bag and shoes I am eyeing. I do hope there will be another sale before Christmas so can buy the stuff I needed to buy for the kids in good deals.

Lucky those who can avail of Cyber Monday as they can find great deals of almost everything. How I wish there is Black Friday and Cyber in my country so if ever I could not shop during Black Friday I can still do it on Cyber Monday.

October 06, 2011


The boyfriend will be late for our chat today, I better make the most while waiting for him to come online. Yesterday, the plan of updating and finishing all the backlogs I have from last week didn’t materialize as I end up taking a nap. Oh well I manage to delete more than two thousands spam comments in my self hosted blog though.

On the other hand, I have been thinking of joining weekly blog meme again. I remember joining a weekly meme before but because I sometimes (most of the time) allow the laziness roll over me I always failed to join the meme every week. Hopefully I will be successful this time so wish me luck guys if ever.