September 30, 2011

Sweet Boyfriend

As you’ve noticed I haven’t been so active in the blogosphere lately. I am uber busy assisting the little one in his school activities. As of this typing the little one is at La Vista Resort for their scouting. I’ll be going be going back there a in an hour or so.

I do have some stories to share this time but I choose to share about what is happening to me and my boyfriend. Like any other relationship I and the boyfriend has our fair share of ups and downs. Just recently we had a misunderstanding. The good thing is although we have problem we still talked even if we both know we will just ends up fighting. The boyfriend never stops amazing me though we are not in good terms. Just like when I don’t have internet connection and typhoon Pedring were on the country. He always called to check me and my family. I even made him mad when I missed six of his calls because he thought I simply don’t want to answer his call which was wrong because I was having my dinner then.

Anyways, we are patching things up now and we know we will surpass this problem like the previous problems we have. To the boyfriend thanks for being there for me although I sometimes don’t deserve it.

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