September 17, 2011

Love Life Update

It is not a secret that I am in a long distance relationship for almost five years now. Keeping a relationship like this is not an easy. Like any other couples we have our fair share of up’s and down’s and I am glad that no matter how serious our problem is we always surpass it. There are times that we are at the edge of giving up but we still manage to settle our differences. I guess settling whatever problems that may come in a relationship more so if it’s a long distance relationship is a battle that the couple should always win.

For a long distance relationship, there is nothing more fulfilling than to be in each other arms. Of course, like any other couple I and my boyfriend have our own plans and dreams. I always wait for the time that his plan of coming here will come into a reality. We are planning is slowly yet surely and it's gonna happen real soon. Yay, I could not wait for that time to come. Should it happen, I certainly have a lot of story to share for this blog.

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