August 20, 2011

In A Relationship

It’s been a while since I do some post regarding my love life. When I made this blog, my thought is to share everything about my love life, I and my boyfriend’s journey in making our dream come into reality without thinking that I am not usually sharing everything about my life in all my blog. But since this blog is about being deeply in love I am trying my best to share about my love life or blab about how is it to be in love.

For all of us, we all always dream of finding our perfect partner. A partner who is willing and ready to be with us all the way whatever problem may come on our way. I am not perfect; I have my own flaws that my boyfriend doesn’t like but thanks God we are still together. I am praying that one day, someday we will finally be together to make our dreams come true. I may not be a perfect girlfriend for my boyfriend. There are times that I am bitchy and stubborn but I am just lucky to have a boyfriend who won’t leave me because of my bad attitude.

To the boyfriend, I may not tell you how much u mean to me but you know it in your heart that I love you and I am lucky to have found you.

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NovaS said...

this is so sweet....