July 30, 2011

Coin Collector

Are you fond of collecting dollar coins? I personally know someone who is fond of collecting coins from different countries. In fact two of her jars are already full. The last time I heard about her is that she is searching for morgan silver dollar price guide, I guess she is planning to add this coin on her collections.

Anyways, how is your weekend so far? As for me, I don’t have any plan for the weekend yet. I might watch Captain America with the little and my nephew tomorrow, we’ll see.

July 09, 2011

Perfect Gift For Golf Enthusiast

Searching for a gift to someone is not an easy task to do more especially if the person has everything. However, if you know what know the person very much you can used it to find the perfect gift to the person. Like for example, if the person loves to play golf then you should think of something he/ she can used or wear when playing golf. I am quite sure a golf gps for palm would be a perfect gift to those who loves to play golf.

July 05, 2011

Slacking, Again!

Oh! I didn’t notice that it’s already more than a week since my last post for this. I guess this seldom happened when you have multiple blogs to update you sometimes forget which blog is not updated yet. Isn’t it a nice reason when you are being lazy and when you choice to procrastinate although you have so many things that need to be done online? That is what I’ve been doing lately to the extent that I neglected the tasks assigned to my other blogs. Now that I’ve lost the PR in this blog and my other blogs I should not let the laziness control me. I know losing PR means less opportunity. I am just lucky that my own domains didn’t lose the PR although it reduced from PR3 to PR2.

But anyway, this blog has lost its PR many times before and I know I will gain back the PR I’ve lost in few months.